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Step 3 Customize A Preset

Customize your booth for an in-person event or activation

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The preset page allows you to control the booth settings and picture customizations. If you’re not yet familiar with the booth’s “flow,” it can be helpful to take a look at the participant experience first.

Settings are separated into different panels on your preset page as described below. Get more detailed information about each panel at the links beneath the headers.

Touchless Mode

Keep your event clean and healthy by enabling gesture controls on iPads running iOS 16 or later. Touchless mode will limit the availability of some features.

Photo Design

Custom Designs

Use this panel to customize most aspects of how the pictures appear by default.

Choose a layout type (either motion-based or more traditional), filter effects, a crop type, add graphics like a logo, and more. A Chroma Key (green screen) panel is available further down the preset page.

This panel also supports enabling a setting that allows participants to choose between a handful of layouts before they take their pictures. In addition to this, participants can make edits after capturing their photo(s) if you choose to allow it (more on this later!).

Pre-Made Themes

Our pre-made themes are a really easy customization option: themes will add a matching start screen and picture overlay to the booth.

Themes can only be found in-app at this time.

App Colors and Backgrounds

All plans

Choose between a light or dark theme for your booth's background.

Plus, Pro, & Select plans

Add a custom start screen.

Camera & Countdown

This panel supports a few adjustments related to the first step participants see:

  • Toggle between the front and rear camera. The front camera is typically recommended so participants can see a preview during capture and have easier access to the app controls.

  • When enabled, the "get ready" prompt will show participants what layout you have selected so they know how many frames to pose for.

  • The countdown and start delay seconds determine how long participants have to get ready for each frame.

Chroma Key

Available on Plus, Pro, & Select plans

Transport participants anywhere by replacing the background of the pictures. Use unlimited backgrounds per preset, allowing participants to choose between the options before taking their pictures.

Chroma Key requires a physical green or blue backdrop at this time.

Editing Tools

After taking their photos and before sharing, participants have an opportunity to make edits to their photos if you choose to enable any edit tools.

Tools include adjusting the layout type, adjusting the filter, adding digital props, and more. Some of the tools can be configured to make the options more restricted or relevant to your event or activation (for example, you can enable all of our filters or just some of them).

You can also disable all edit tools for a more streamlined experience and a more uniform looking gallery.

Data Capture

Plus & Pro Plans

Collect email address, phone number, first & last name, postal code, and date of birth from participants. You can also add custom fields including checkboxes and text entries in addition to the standard fields.

Participants will be prompted to fill out their data as a part of the sharing process, which is the last step they will see.

Select Plan

Add custom legal terms including a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service.

Age Gate

Available on the Select plan

Ensure participants are of a certain age before using your booth. You customize the prompt participants see as well as the minimum age.

Send Options

Decide how participants can send their picture links to themselves. When custom messaging is available (on certain plans), a new panel will populate as soon as the relevant sharing method is enabled from your send options panel.


Custom message is not available.


Add photo credit and an event name to your messaging.

Pro & Select

Full control over custom messaging, including the ability to change the email address pictures send from.

Save Options

By default, photos will automatically sync to your Simple Booth account with an easy download option from your gallery settings pages.

Camera Roll and Dropbox saving is available as an optional backup or for the purposes of saving copies of the pictures that can be printed later.

Next Step: Customize Your Gallery

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