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Most picture customizations are made from the "Photo Design" panel. Find this panel in your app or from your preset settings online.

The Photo Design panel selections determine the default settings. When participants approach the booth, they will initially take their picture(s) with these settings. If you choose, you can allow participants to make edits by enabling tools within your photo editing panel.


Enabling Choose Layout

You have two options when it comes to your layout:

  1. Enabling the choose layout feature will prompt participants to pick between four layouts after they “tap to start.” These layouts include a Single 1x1, GIF, Live GIF, and Rebound.

  2. Disabling the layout feature will result in all participants using your default layout while capturing their initial set of frames.

Layout Type

Choose from a list of picture layouts, including classic photo strips and motion-based layouts.

Still Layouts

Choose from a single-frame layout or a variety of other combinations.

Motion Layouts

We offer four motion-based layouts.


Allows you to select between 2-6 frames and adjust how quickly the frames will play. The countdown seconds that you select in your start screen panel will reset before each new frame is taken.

Live GIF

Supports 6 frames and always plays at the fastest setting (this cannot be adjusted). The countdown seconds will only appear before the very first frame--the result is that it looks a bit more like a short video than the standard GIF.


A short video snippet that plays forwards and then in reverse, similar to Instagram's Boomerang.


Available on Standard & Pro

Allows participants to record anywhere between 5-90 seconds (you choose the maximum recording length) of video that includes audio. Trim tools are included and certain editing options will be limited.

Layout Customizations

Choose default settings for other aspects of your pictures to make things your own!


Choose from a wide range of filter effects to apply to the photos.


Choose between a square or circle crop, or leave your photos in portrait or landscape mode. Simply rotate the iPad to switch between screen orientations!

Margins & Corners

Use the margins and corner sliders to select margin thickness and how rounded the corners are.


Add a logo, which can be placed above, to the side, or below your layout.


Overlays are "laid over" your entire layout (think of these acting like a watermark). A lot of people use overlays to create a decorative border, or to place their logo in one of the corners.

Note: If you're using an overlay, it will appear by default when participants are taking their photo, which helps them avoid being "covered" by your overlay graphics.

The overlay will be mirrored because the camera preview is mirrored. This option can always be disabled from the photo design panel if you prefer.

Backgrounds & Colors

These settings customize the background in the margins of the pictures. Learn more about replacing backgrounds with green screen here.

  • Background Color: Use a color picker or your hex code to add a solid background.

  • Custom Graphic: use the Background Image button to add a decorative border.

Frame Rotation

HALO Pro plan only

Change the orientation of the frames of your pictures, which can create an anti-gravity effect.

Chroma Key

More commonly referred to as green screen, our chroma key settings are in their own dedicated panel. Higher tier HALO plans support more backgrounds per event.


Change Your Preview Image

Use the "Change Image" button above your picture preview in order to swap out the image displayed on your layout preview.

Size Graphics Correctly

Pick your layout type and crop before you design your logo.

The recommended size, found below the logo upload button, will automatically adjust after you update the layout & crop.

Next Steps: Customize The App's Appearance

Customize the booth's color scheme, photo editing tools, sharing options and more.

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