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Using Touchless Mode

Gesture commands for our iPad apps can help reduce the spread of germs

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Simple Booth supports running a touchless experience so that participants can still enjoy the photo booth experience in a more hygienic way.

Certain settings are not supported in touchless mode, including edit tools and data capture.

Enabling Touchless Mode

It's easy to enable gestures. Simply tap the checkbox in the touchless panel (located at the top of your settings in app and online).

Touchless Mode Limitations

Any features that require participants to touch the screen will be automatically disabled when touchless mode is enabled. This includes:

  • Start Screen images

  • Rear-facing camera

  • Age Gate

  • Layout Chooser

  • Multiple Overlays (the app will default to the first overlay in your list)

  • Participant Photo Editing (filters, props, crop mode, etc.)

  • Data Capture

  • All sharing methods (including printing and auto print) except QR code

Chroma Key still works, but the booth will always use the first photo in your list of backgrounds. Participants will not be able to select an alternate background.

Participant Experience

Participants will move through the experience by holding a palm up to the camera indicating how they want to proceed.

At the end, they can scan a QR code to receive their picture.

As always, sessions will automatically time out and return the app to the start screen if anyone walks away without finishing up.

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