These instructions are for customizations from your account online (in a browser).

If you are using HALO, the in-app gallery settings are limited to the basic settings in step 1 below.

Start by visiting your list of galleries online

You will always be asked to create a new gallery (or choose from an existing gallery) at the time you are creating a new preset, so you should already have at least one gallery here that is waiting to be customized.

If you need a new gallery, use the blue "+" icon in the top right corner to get started. Give your gallery a title and then save (we'll customize the rest of the settings together below) and don't forget to link the gallery to the proper preset before using your booth.

1. Adjust gallery basics

You may have customized some of this when you first saved this event. You'll find a couple additional settings here.

Gallery Name

Participants will see the gallery title at the top of the gallery page. Your client may want a say in what this title says.


The hashtags you enter will post automatically to Facebook and Twitter when participants share from your gallery. Learn more here.

Color Theme

Adjust the font and background color for the gallery page. Use a hex code or our color picker.


Choose between three options to determine whether or not participants can view all the pictures in the gallery. Learn more about privacy options here.

Fine Print

Add up to 255 characters of fine print to appear at the bottom of your gallery.

To insert a link, use this format:

[My Privacy Policy](

Brand Moderation

Available on Pro plan

Review pictures before they are sent to participants and before they appear in your gallery.

2. Customize your gallery's appearance


Adjust the font and background color for the gallery page. Use a hex code or our color picker.


Available on Lite, Standard and Pro plans

Lite: enable or disable a Simple Booth logo that can appear as your gallery header.

Standard & Pro: Upload something custom to appear at the top and bottom of the gallery page, and link the images to any website. A popular option is to use your client's image and website up top, and your own at the bottom.

Profile Ads

Set up a public profile and enable profile ads in your gallery. Once your gallery has a certain number of photos, your profile ad will be displayed intermittently between photos as participants scroll through the photos.

Profile ads will only display on public galleries.

3. Set your sharing options

Available on Standard and Pro plans

Sharing Options

Allow participants to choose from all the social channels we support, or choose to hide the buttons for certain platforms.

Instagram Copy

Customize the email address and message that is sent together with the Instagram-ready file participants can share with themselves.

4. Customize a Live Feed (optional)

All Plans: Display a real-time feed of the pictures captured from your booth (requires a decent WiFi connection!). Customize how many pictures appear, transition effects, and a color theme.

Standard & Pro: Upload a full-screen advertisement to play periodically during your feed. Standard supports 1 ad per feed, Pro supports unlimited ads per feed.

Gallery Preview

Scroll to the top of the page and you will find a link to your gallery in order to see a preview!

You're ready for the last steps

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