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Where do the photos save?
Where do the photos save?

Access your pictures through an online gallery, or download copies to save outside of Simple Booth.

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There are a few ways to access the pictures taken on your account.

Online Galleries

Uploads from HALO and Classic will automatically send your pictures to an online gallery on your account. Participants will receive their picture link or QR upload at the same time the picture uploads to the gallery.

If you think some pictures are missing from your gallery, check your app's offline queue as a first step.

Participant Access To Online Galleries

Whether or not participants (and your client, if applicable) can view the main gallery page depends on your gallery's privacy settings.

Participants will always have access to their own picture at it's individual link.

Downloading Files

Where Photos Save

Camera Roll and Dropbox saving must be enabled from your preset settings Save Options panel before your event.





Classic App


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