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How to go about sizing and designing custom graphics for your booth

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The HALO app supports uploading completely custom graphics to your booth's settings.

This guide includes information on supported file types and how to size graphics properly for the HALO app.

Supported Graphics

Supported graphics varies depending on your software plan. Learn more about what types of graphics you can use from these articles.

How To Design For The App

  1. Familiarize yourself with the supported graphics for your software tier. Your settings support multiple custom graphics that customize different aspects of the picture or booth's appearance.

  2. Make decisions about the other aspects of your booth's settings including the iPad's orientation and the picture's appearance (layout type, crop, margin thickness, and whether you plan to use a combination of graphics).

  3. Note the proper design specs (sizing information). Most graphics editing programs will prompt you to choose a canvas size before you can start designing.

  4. Create your graphic in your preferred graphics editing program. If you're not familiar with any, we have some really user-friendly suggestions below.

  5. Export the file from the graphics editing program, and be sure to preserve any transparency on your file if necessary.

  6. Import the file to your Preset settings, make sure they sync to your app, and then test your settings!

Graphics Editing Programs

We know this kind of thing sounds intimidating if you don't have experience! Luckily, there are lots of programs out there that make graphic design pretty easy-to-do.

A lot of them include premade assets like stickers and fonts that you can incorporate into your design so you don't even need to be artistic!

Design Specs

Find sizing information for all of the supported Preset settings graphics below.

Whenever possible, a sizing recommendation is listed directly in your preset settings, beneath the relevant setting's upload button. Certain sizing recommendations are dynamic and will update here in real-time, which is why step 2 above is important.

Photo Design

The size of the graphics for the pictures depends on a few factors. This includes:

  • Layout type

  • Crop type

  • iPad orientation

  • Whether you are using a logo in addition to a background or overlay.


Maximum logo file size is 4MB. JPEG and PNG files are supported.

Overlays & Margins Backgrounds

Learn more about creating overlays in our Overlay Guide.

Maximum overlay & background file size is 8MB.

JPEG and PNG files are supported for background files.

A PNG with transparency is required for overlays.

Green Screen

Crop type is the only setting that affects green screen specs.

Landscape: 1280x960px

Portrait: 960x1280px

Square: 960x960px

Maximum green screen file size is 4MB. JPEG and PNG files are supported.


Prop resolutions can vary depending on your prop's shape, but something around 800x800px is a good place to start.

Maximum prop file size is 1MB. PNG and PDF files are supported.


Stickers resolutions can vary depending on your sticker's shape, but something around 800x800px is a good place to start.

Maximum sticker file size is 1MB. PNG files are supported.

Print Graphics

If you plan to print, you may need to reconfigure your overlay and background files for optimal formatting on your print-outs.

Booth Design

The size of these graphics will depend on your iPad orientation.

Start Screen

Create a custom design for your tap to start screen. Still frame and video start screens are supported.

Still-Frame Start Screens

Start screen file size must be less than 10MB. JPEG and PNG files are supported. A PNG with transparency is recommended.

Video Start Screens

Start screen videos must be smaller that 20MB. MP4 files are supported.

Reformatting Your Video

If your file is a different format, convert to MP4 here.

If your file is too big, compress the MP4 from the same site.

  • Upload your file and choose a “constant rate factor.”

  • The recommended rate factor depends on how big your file is to start with. Smaller rate factors offer less compression and the bigger rate factors result in more compression. Use the chart below as a reference point.

Gallery & Live Feed Design

The online gallery where participants receive their pictures can be customized for a cohesive look start-to-finish. Learn more in our Gallery Design Guide.

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