How the queue works

If you are at an event without internet, the offline upload queue in our apps allows image uploads, text messages, emails and data capture to queue until a reliable connection is available again. If an upload does not complete, it will remain in the queue and automatically try again later.

The app must be open (it can be "running in the background") for the upload queue to attempt to continue.

Where to find your queue

To check how many items are in your queue, tap and hold on the Tap to Start screen for two seconds with two fingers to bring up the Booth Status page. The middle section here will display your queued items. 

It's common to see items stuck here when internet is weak or intermittent and are not normally a cause for concern! 

If you return to a more reliable WiFi connection after your event and are still having trouble getting the pictures to send, please reach out to our support team via the chat window. 


  • If you will be using the app at an event where internet will not be available, you must log into the app before you arrive.

  • Do not log out of your account when you have items queued (there is a warning if you attempt to logout when items are queued). Logging out will delete any items in your queue.

  • Do not delete the app when you have items queued! The queues are saved to disk but they are sandboxed with the app so they will be removed if you delete it. It is OK to close or quit the app when items are queued.

  • If there is a permanent error such as an invalid email address or phone number, our app won't be able to send those pictures to guests but those pictures will still upload to your gallery. 

Upload vs. download speeds

You may find that uploads, texts, and emails are queueing up but your connection to the internet seems to be working in other apps or on other devices that are connected to the same network. 

How quickly pictures are sent to guests and to your gallery relies on your upload speed specifically--we are sending data from your iPad to another location. Most other apps rely more on fast download speeds--when you browse the web or look at your favorite social platform, that application is downloading content to your device for you to view.

Networks often have faster download speeds than upload speeds. You can see your network quality in your booth status menu, near the queue. As an alternative way to check, there are many "internet speed tests" available online. 

What is considered a reliable network?

There are a range of network speeds that can be used.

  • 1-2 mbps upload speeds are not considered strong enough to send your pictures out quickly, if at all.

  • 3-4 mbps upload speeds are considered average for our purposes. Pictures should send out but there may be a slight delay, and if you are at a very busy event you may see your queue start to back up.

  • 5 mbps upload speeds or higher are considered to be an good upload speed for your photo booth. Pictures should send out very quickly and it is unlikely you'll have any queue backups.

Checking your Upload Speed

Please note that, when using our recommended speed test, you must press the "show more info" button to see the upload speed. 

After a few moments, the upload speed will be displayed below the download speed. 

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