The offline upload queue allows uploads, text messages, emails and data capture to queue when you do not have a reliable connection to the Internet.

If an upload does not complete, it will remain in the queue and automatically try again later. The app must be open (it can be "running in the background") for the upload queue to attempt to continue.

Keep Your Booth Up To Date

Keeping your app and iPadOS updated is extremely important in order for the queue to perform reliably. Check the App Store for updates before your events in order to avoid problems.

Finding Your Queue

Queue Manager

You'll find a tab for your queue at the bottom of the app's settings pages. If anything gets stuck during your event, you'll see a notification here. Follow the instructions below to make sure your WiFi upload speed is reliable enough for the pictures to upload.

During The Event

It can be helpful to check on the queue during the event if guests aren't receiving their pictures in a timely manner.

Tap and hold on the Tap to Start screen for two seconds with two fingers to bring up the Booth Status page. The middle section here will display your queued items. 

Do not log out of your account or delete your app when you have items queued. These actions will delete any items in your queue.

Sending Stuck Uploads

Upload vs. Download Speeds

How quickly pictures are sent to guests and to your gallery relies on your upload speed specifically--we are sending data from your iPad to another location.


Checking Your Upload Speed

  1. Use the link above and wait for your download speed to calculate.

  2. Click or tap "show more info" and wait for the other information to load.

  3. Reference the upload speed that loads against our list below to see how reliable it is.

Network Reliability

There are a range of network speeds that can be used. Videos and layouts with more frames will always take longer to send out than single-frame images and layouts with fewer frames.

  • 1-2 mbps upload speeds are not considered strong enough to send your pictures out quickly, if at all.

  • 3-4 mbps upload speeds are considered average for our purposes. Pictures should send out but there may be a slight delay, and if you are at a very busy event you may see your queue start to back up.

  • 5 mbps upload speeds or higher are considered to be a good upload speed for your photo booth. Pictures should send out very quickly and it is unlikely you'll have any queue backups.

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