Our online galleries can make for a fun collection of the photos from your event that can be shared, but in some cases you may want to offer a more private experience.

Privacy is important to our team, and we believe control over the images taken at an event should be shared between guests and event hosts.

When you are ready, learn how to adjust the privacy level here.

How People Access Your Gallery

Most events are set up so that participants will receive a link to their own picture after they use the booth. Check out this article for more information on enabling link sharing from your booth.

Once guests start sharing pictures to social media, the general public will have access to your event links too.

There are three privacy levels: Public, Unlisted, and Private.

Your gallery’s privacy level will determine whether visitors to your gallery can view all of its photos.

Gallery Privacy Options

Public Galleries

Public galleries are the least restrictive type of gallery we support.

Picture Links

Pictures appear at the top of the page, with the ability to scroll and view the rest of the gallery.

Gallery Links

Anyone visiting a gallery link can view the full gallery.

Unlisted Galleries

Unlisted galleries are a bit more restrictive.

Picture Links

Picture links do not allow participants to access other pictures in the gallery. Visitors can only view their own photo(s).

Gallery Links

Gallery Links are not shared by default and can normally only be accessed when the event host shares it directly. There is one exception: a QR code to the gallery page will be displayed if all sharing options have been disabled.

This allows for select people (like your client or other event organizers) to monitor the entire gallery, while maintaining a more private experience for guests and the general public.

A gallery with an Unlisted privacy level will never be listed by Simple Booth on a public web page.

Private Galleries

Private galleries are the most restrictive option.

Picture Links

Picture links do not allow participants to access other pictures in the gallery. Visitors can only view their own photo(s).

Gallery Links

Only the signed in host can view a private gallery page.

Other visitors attempting to view a private gallery with the gallery link will see a page stating that the gallery is private and cannot be viewed.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Public Gallery Opt-In

The software supports an intuitive opt-in process for participants when your online gallery is public.

Some people simply do not want to post their pictures to a public gallery. In other circumstances, participants may incorrectly assume a gallery is private and upload a picture they would prefer to keep private.

The opt-in flow makes it more obvious to participants when their picture is going to be posted publicly and gives them an easy way to opt-out of your public gallery if they choose.

Opt-In Process

Public & Unlisted Galleries

After participants capture their picture, they will advance to the edit page. Once they are happy with their picture, they will advance to the new opt-in page.

If participants opt out, they can still receive their picture but it will not appear in your online gallery for others to view.

If participants opt in, the picture will appear on the main gallery page for others to see.

After opting in or out, we redirect participants to the sharing page where they will be presented with the sharing options you have enabled.

Private Galleries

Photos uploaded to a private gallery will automatically be marked as private, and the opt-in prompt will not be shown.

The private designation will always apply to individual uploads, even if you decide to update your gallery privacy after the event ends.

Attend an event and can't find your photo?

If the link to your picture brings up a message about the Gallery's privacy settings, you will want to contact the host of your event directly. The event host may be able to help you find a copy of your picture, even if your picture was prevented from being uploaded.

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