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Instagram Sharing & Why It Is Unique
Instagram Sharing & Why It Is Unique
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Instagram is set up slightly differently from other platforms like Facebook so requires a unique sharing option.

Instagram's Restrictions

Protected Platform

Instagram does not support direct uploads from other apps, meaning there's not a way for us to automatically generate an Instagram draft post for participants like we do for Facebook or X (formerly known as Twitter).


Instagram will only accept images of a certain file type and aspect ratio, so we automatically reformat incompatible layouts so that they can be posted properly to Instagram.

Sharing To Instagram 

Sharing From Your Gallery

After receiving a link to their picture from the booth, participants will be able to use the Instagram button from their photo's sharing options.

They'll be presented with on-screen instructions about how to proceed from there.

Sharing Directly From Your Booth

Available with advanced text messaging, not available in all countries.

In addition to offering gallery sharing, advanced texting supports sending the Instagram-ready file in a text directly from the app, which cuts out a step for participants.

They will receive an MMS that will include the photo or video attachment and custom instructions to share on Instagram with your chosen hashtag. 

Instagram Messaging For MMS

These settings can be customized from your Preset settings.

Start by enabling the Picture Message option from your Send Options panel. A new Picture Message panel will populate where you can customize the text.

Instagram Messaging for Galleries

Advanced sharing also supports customizing the message that accompanies the Instagram-ready copy from the online gallery.

This messaging can be customized from your Gallery settings.

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