Our online Galleries are an extension of the Simple Booth experience, and customizing the Gallery settings for your brand or event is very straightforward!  

These Gallery pages are optimized for mobile devices, where your guests can view photos from the event and share directly to social media.

Feature Availability

Special Event

Customize the title, hashtags, privacy level, and meta tag.


Customize everything available on Special Event as well as color theme, the ability to remove the Simple Booth top logo and to include a profile ad.


Customize everything available on Lite as well as the sharing options available to participants, and one Live Feed ad.


Customize everything available on Standard. Live Feed ads are unlimited.

Basic Customizations


Your gallery title will appear at the top of the page.


The added hashtag(s) will automatically populate when participants post to Twitter. Facebook restricts to one hashtag, so the first hashtag entered will post to Facebook.


Determine whether participants can view the entire gallery, or only their own photo.

Meta Tag

Customize your metadata. Metadata is used by browsers and other web services, often for search optimization.

Advanced Customizations

Color Theme

Customize the background and text on your Gallery pages to match the theme of your event, similar to the in-app color themes. 


Profile Ads

Set up a public profile and enable profile ads in your gallery settings.

Once your gallery has enough photos, your profile ad will be displayed intermittently between photos as participants scroll through the photos.

Header Image

This top image will appear above your gallery's title. The image can be linked to any website.

Lite tier customers can un-check a box to remove Simple Booth's logo.

Repeating Ad

The repeating ad will be displayed intermittently throughout your gallery between photos. The image can be linked to any website.

Customizable Sharing Options

Encourage sharing to a specific social platforms by restricting the sharing methods presented in the gallery.

A download and copy link button are always available to participants.

Live Feed

The Live Feed slideshow is available on all plans, and higher tiers support custom ads.

Ads will play periodically throughout your feed.

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