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Gallery & Live Feed Graphic Design Guide
Gallery & Live Feed Graphic Design Guide
Customize graphics for your Gallery & Live Feed
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Gallery and Live Feed graphics are available on the Standard & Pro plans. Other types of customizations (like color theme and privacy) are available to everybody.

Supported Graphics

Supported graphics will vary depending on the subscription tier you're using.

  • Special Event: a Simple Booth logo will display at the top of your gallery and as a Live Feed advertisement.

  • Lite: custom graphics are not available, however Simple Booth branding can be removed from the gallery & Live Feed.

  • Standard: include custom logos on your gallery, and one Live Feed ad.

  • Pro: include custom logos on your gallery and unlimited Live Feed ads.

Design Specs

You will need to know what size to make each type of graphic before you can start designing.

We list the proper size for each type of graphic you can upload in the in-app and online settings.

You'll normally find the size recommendation right beneath the upload button.

Gallery Graphics

Your top image will appear above your gallery's title.

Your bottom image will appear intermittently between uploaded pictures, so it will display periodically as people browse your gallery.

Recommended size 540x360.

Maximum file size is 6MB. PNG and JPEG files are supported.

Live Feed Ads

Live Feed ads play periodically during your slideshow. You set the duration, cycles between ads, and how many ads display per cycle if your plan supports multiple ads.

Recommended size 1,920x1,080px.

Maximum file size is 6MB. GIF, PNG, and JPEG files are supported.

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