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Graphics Editing Program Recommendations
Graphics Editing Program Recommendations

Not familiar with the right kind of software? Use one of these programs to make custom designs for Simple Booth apps.

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Creating a custom graphic from scratch can sound intimidating, but these programs make it easy to do!

Graphics Editing Programs

Design still-frame graphics for your pictures and other aspects of the booth's appearance.


Canva is really user friendly program. Beyond the basics, it includes a great library of images, stickers, and fonts you can easily add to your design.

Canva can be used in a browser via an app.


Canva is mostly free, but requires a monthly fee to save transparent files (overlays, for example). Certain stickers and graphics come with an additional fee.

If you just have a one-time event, consider using their free trial!

Pixlr E and Pixlr Express

Pixlr is an online tool that is a bit more advanced than Canva.

Pixlr Editor is similar to Photoshop, while Pixlr Express is easier to navigate if you're not familiar with Photoshop.


Pixlr is free but will limit the number of files you can export per day. Signing up for a paid plan will remove that limit.

Certain stickers and graphics come with an additional fee.

Outsource The Work

Don't feel like figuring this part of it out? Hire a designer to create your booth's graphics for you.

Be sure you share the proper sizing specs with them before they get to work!


Varies, with many in the $5-$30+ range depending on the complexity of your request.

Video Editing Programs

Editing videos requires unique software. Most video editing software must be downloaded to a computer (videos typically are not edited in web browsers).

OpenShot Video Editor

An easy to use open source video editor that comes with a built in tutorial to get you started.




iMovie is a free tool that comes preinstalled on Mac computers, it can be used to make both simple and complex edits to videos.

The settings can feel difficult to understand at first, but the user guide below includes a ton of helpful resources to walk you through any hurdles.


Free to Mac users.

Adobe Premiere Rush or Premiere Pro

Adobe’s answers to video editing, the Premiere programs feel similar to Photoshop and is not for beginners.


Both programs offer a free trial, and upgrading to a paid plan offers unlimited use and features.

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