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Create completely custom props to use instead of or in addition to our premade prop packs. After designing your props, you'll need to configure them in our prop manager.

Custom props are available on the Plus, Pro, & Select plans.


There are 5 main steps you'll need to take to add your props.

  1. Design your props, which you'll create in your preferred graphics editing program.

  2. Create a prop pack

  3. Upload your props

  4. Configure the props

  5. Add the props to your preset

Designing Props

Find out how to size your props and what file types are supported in our design guide. 

Managing Prop Packs

Start on your prop manager page.

Tap the blue “+” icon to create a new prop pack. After naming it, you can access the pack and start uploading your props.

The prop manager includes dropdown menu in-line with each pack, allowing you to set an icon, rename, archive, or delete the pack.

Uploading Props

Start by clicking into the prop pack you want to add to.

Click "choose files" to upload your prop(s).

New uploads will be added to a list of “pending” props, because you will need to size and place them before they are saved. 

Configuring Props

Start by selecting the prop you want to configure, then click “next.”

Name the prop, select a type (i.e, the location that it should appear on your guests’ faces, such as “eyes”), and edit the scale so that it is an appropriate size.

The next page will allow you to adjust the prop's order (whether it will appear in front of or behind other props in your pack).

Click the “x” next to any prop in order to delete it.

Adding Prop Packs to Presets

Prop packs must be added to your preset through the in-app settings.

Open the preset you want to add your pack to, and find your Props panel.

Browse through the packs until you find your own, and select it to add to your preset.

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