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What is an online Gallery?
What is an online Gallery?

Participants view and share their pictures from an online gallery you set up for your event

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What Is The Gallery For?

Pictures taken on your account will be collected in online galleries. After participants wrap up their session, they receive a link to your online gallery where they can view and share their pictures.

Most people use Simple Booth for separate and unique events, so typically set up a brand new gallery for each event.

In other circumstances (like a permanent install or another kind of ongoing activation) you may want to collect pictures over time in the same place.

Gallery Privacy

Choose between three privacy options. If you make your gallery public, participants will be asked whether or not they want to opt-in to posting their picture publicly.

Social Sharing

HALO & Classic Apps

This is a two-step sharing process.

  1. The last page in the app will prompt participants for contact information. Entering this information will result in participants receiving a link (or they can scan a QR code).

  2. This link will bring participants to the picture they just took. The online gallery includes buttons to share from there, including to social media as well as to save the picture.

Virtual Booth

After adding a picture to the gallery, the participant will be prompted with sharing options.

Can Galleries Be Customized? 

Yes! The galleries can be customized to various degrees based on the app and plan you are using.

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