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Using The Booth

When participants first approach the photo booth, it will be resting on a "tap to start" screen, prompting them to start a session in the booth. 

After taking pictures, guests are automatically brought to the edit screen. What kind of edit tools are available here depends on which edit tools you've enabled in your settings (although a retake button is always available for guests to use if they don't like how they look). 

Once guests are done making their edits, they are brought to the send page in the app where they can take steps to receive their picture on their own device (or a print out!).  

Sharing Options

Similar to the edit screen, event hosts get to configure which send options are available here for guests to use. 

Simple Booth Classic

All Classic users have access to email and print their photos. Classic users in the US can also enable a text messaging option. 

HALO Plans

All HALO plans support text messaging*, email, printing, and an auto-print feature.

Standard supports an additional in-app Instagram sharing option. 

Pro supports the same in-app Instagram sharing as well as QR codes

*SMS messaging is only available outside of the US on the HALO Lite tier plan and higher.

MMS messaging (required for in-app Instagram sharing) is only available in the US at this time. Users outside the US have access to alternative methods to post to Instagram. 

Disabling Send Options

It is important that participants are able to receive a copy of the picture they took -- it's usually why they took the picture in the first place! 

Disabling all send options will result in a QR code that links back to the online gallery being displayed on the send page so that guests can still receive copies of their pictures in some way, as long as the gallery is public.

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