Pairing Presets & Galleries

Best practices on how to link presets and galleries depending on how you are using Simple Booth

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Your main settings pages are divided into two separate sections - presets and galleries.

Anytime you create a new preset you will be prompted to link it to an online gallery. At this point you can create a brand new, empty gallery or link the new preset to an existing gallery. How to proceed depends on how you are using Simple Booth!


⚠️ Pictures are linked with the preset, not the gallery ⚠️

This can sound like an unimportant technicality, but understanding how this works can help you avoid pictures from separate events getting mixed up!

The preset settings customize the picture appearance and other booth-side settings.

The gallery settings customize the page that participants reach after they save their photo and follow the link they received via text/email/QR scan.

The preset list will display the linked gallery on the same row as the preset's title. Each gallery's settings will also display all of the presets linked to that gallery:

When To Use A New Gallery

Pair the preset with a new gallery anytime you are running a new and unique event or activation.

If you're using Simple Booth for events like weddings and birthdays (whether you're hired or DIYing something for parties at home), you will want to pair your preset with a unique gallery.

How It Works

The online gallery that you link will be completely empty prior to your event (unless you make test uploads that you have yet to delete). This allows your client or family and friends to scroll through a collection of pictures from the specific event they attended.

When To Use An Existing Gallery

Using an existing gallery makes sense for things like a permanent install in your business, ongoing activations like a band tour's VIP experience, or events where you have multiple booths at your venue with different preset settings.

How It Works

Your online gallery can be linked to an unlimited number of presets. Each preset that is linked to the online gallery will send pictures to it's linked gallery.

Some examples include:

  • Businesses with a permanent install often have one "general" type gallery for everyday use that is primarily used. If your space ever hosts special events for something like a holiday, you might consider creating a unique preset & gallery pair for those types of events.

  • Any kind of event that occurs over multiple dates and/or locations can consider collecting all the pictures taken over time in the same gallery. Create a new preset with unique settings for each location or date ahead of time to make things easy!

  • If you have multiple HALO licenses you can run multiple booths simultaneously. Creating a preset for each photo booth allows you to use unique graphics and other settings on each of them.

Copying Presets

Copying presets is often the most convenient way to get started with new event settings.

When you copy a preset, the new copy is going to be linked to the same gallery as the original copy. If you do not want to use an existing gallery with your newly copied preset, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the desired preset from your preset settings. From your list of presets, use the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the page to make the copy.

  2. Visit your gallery settings and use the button in the upper right corner to create your new gallery.

  3. Head back to your preset settings and click into the newly copied preset.

  4. At the top of the page, click the title and update the preset's name.

  5. Underneath the preset's name you will find a dropdown menu that displays the linked gallery.

    Use the dropdown menu's "choose" option to select the new gallery you created.

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