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How does printing with Simple Booth work?
How does printing with Simple Booth work?

Print wirelessly with AirPrint or to dye-sublimation printers

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Note: Printing is not supported with Virtual Booth.

Steps For Successful Printing

There are three main steps you'll need to follow in order to print from your booth.

  1. Use a supported printer

  2. Connect your printer and iPad via WiFi

  3. Format your layout to fit nicely on your prints

1. Supported Printers

Apple devices use "AirPrint protocol" anytime a print is sent from your iPad.

You have two options when it comes to choosing a compatible printer.

AirPrint Printers

Plenty of printers are built to be AirPrint compatible out-of-the-box.

These printers are a great choice if you want something easy; they don't require any kind of special setup steps. The drawback with AirPrint printers is that they are not particularly fast.

Non-AirPrint Printers

Dye-sublimation printers are a popular choice for professionals due to their very fast printing speed, which can't be achieved with AirPrint printers. These printers are significantly more expensive than the AirPrint printers we recommend, but the cost-per-print is lower.
Dye-sub printers must be paired with "print server" software in order to allow them to work with your iPad.

2. Connect The Printer

AirPrint requires WiFi. Printing over Bluetooth or via a USB cable is not supported by AirPrint.

In order to print from an iPad, the printer (or your print server, if applicable) and the iPad must be on the same WiFi network.

3. Format The Print Layout

Your settings allow you to enter your paper size, and to make slight adjustments to the layout so that things are perfectly centered and even.
Our Force Fit feature is a handy tool that will even up your margins and eliminates a lot of guess work!

Participant Experience

When printing is enabled, participants can use a print button on the send page in the app.
The HALO app also supports an auto-printing feature that can be enabled in addition to or instead of the print button.ย 

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