Simple Booth apps support printing over AirPrint, a wireless printing protocol made by Apple. Most new consumer printers support AirPrint, but before making any purchasing decisions please double-check that your printer specifically supports AirPrint. Apple’s website has a list of all AirPrint compatible printers that you can reference. 

Some printers advertise being “wireless-enabled” or that they are “compatible with iPad” but only work with the printer manufacturer’s apps and are not actually AirPrint compatible.

We make a few printer recommendations that we encourage you to check out! 

Printing is not supported with Virtual Booth.

How our apps print

Printing photos can be complicated in any situation, but we’ve made it as simple as we can!

Formatting your prints

Simple Booth apps automatically format your layout for the paper size you’re using. Start by entering your paper size and adjust with padding to accommodate for margins as necessary.

Our Force Fit feature is a handy tool that will even up your margins and eliminates a lot of guess work!

When appropriate, we automatically rotate the layout 90 degrees if it will fit better on the specified paper size, and photo strips are automatically duplicated side-by-side if there’s room. 

When printing is enabled, guests can use a print button on the send page in the app. HALO customers can also turn on an auto-printing feature in addition to or instead of the on-screen print button. 

Connecting the printer to the iPad

AirPrint requires WiFi to work. Printing over Bluetooth or via a USB cable is not supported by AirPrint.

In order to print from an iPad, the printer (or your print server, if applicable) and the iPad must be on the same WiFi network. 

Wireless printing and digital sharing

Most people like to offer guests a digital sharing option in addition to printing.

Many printers come with what is called an “ad hoc” or “direct mode” WiFi network that lets you connect to the printer without a router or hotspot. Keep in mind that not all printers will include this type of built-in network. 

These networks do not have an internet connection. This is really convenient if you won’t have a network available for printing but obviously won’t allow you to share digitally.

Your iPad can only connect to one WiFi network at a time. In order to print and share digitally, consult your printer’s user manual to set it up on a WiFi network that is also connected to the internet (this can be a hotspot or a network that the venue provides, for example). 

Alternatively, if you do not need social sharing or analytics or won’t have a network available at the venue, an ad hoc network is a great option to allow for printing, and the digital uploads will queue up and send out later.

Visit the printing section of our help center to learn more about how to connect your printer with Simple Booth apps.

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