Once you choose the right printer, you will need to format your prints and understand how to connect the printer to your iPad.

Printing is not supported with Virtual Booth.

Connecting To Your Printer

AirPrint requires WiFi to work. Printing over Bluetooth or via a USB cable is not supported by AirPrint.

In order to print from an iPad, the printer (or your print server, if applicable) and the iPad must be on the same WiFi network.

Formatting Your Prints

Your settings allow you to enter your paper size, and to make slight adjustments to the layout so that things are perfectly centered and even.

Our Force Fit feature is a handy tool that will even up your margins and eliminates a lot of guess work!

Participant Experience

When printing is enabled, participants can use a print button on the send page in the app.

HALO customers can also turn on an auto-printing feature in addition to or instead of the on-screen print button. 

Wireless printing and digital sharing

Most people like to offer guests a digital sharing option in addition to printing.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to offer both prints and digital copies in real-time. If you need to rely on an alternative network, the digital copies may need to wait in the app's upload queue until you can return to a more traditional network.

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