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Using Your License On A New Device
Using Your License On A New Device

Use your app on a new device

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Each HALO app license allows you to activate your photo booth on one iPad at a time.

You will need multiple licenses in order to use the app on multiple iPads simultaneously.

Transferring Your License

In most circumstances, all you'll need to do in order to transfer your license is to sign in on your new iPad and launch your event.

As soon as you try to launch your event, you will be prompted to choose a license from your account. Be sure the license you choose is not actively in use on one of your other iPads!

Manually Unlinking Licenses

You can also manually unlink your license from the current device and before activating it on a new device.

  1. Visit your licenses page at

  2. Check the box next to the license you want to unlink

  3. Choose "Unlink Device" from the dropdown menu and press go.

  4. Open the app on your new iPad and log into your user account.
    The available license will be automatically assigned to your new device once you launch one of your presets.

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