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Printing With Dye-Sublimation Printers
Printing With Dye-Sublimation Printers

A wireless print server will be required to connect your iPad to your printer

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Dye-sublimation printers are higher end printers and are recommended if you're using your photo booth professionally.

Because dye-sublimation printers are not AirPrint compatible, you'll need to introduce a wireless print server to give the printer AirPrint capabilities.

How It Works

The easiest way to think about this is that dye-sub printers do not have any wireless capabilities on their own.

The only way to print from an iPad is wirelessly.

Pairing your printer with "print server" software gives the printer wireless capabilities, allowing you to print from the iPad to your dye-sub.

How To Connect

Be sure to reference the print-server's support documentation, which will include specific setup steps.

We also have some instructions about the general process to follow in our help center.

Compatible Print Servers

Simple Booth is compatible with two laptop-based print servers.

Both of these programs include a free trial that we'd encourage you to test with your printer before making any purchases:

  • For Mac: Printopia

  • For PC: O'Print. Some O'Print users report issues with pre-selecting their printer in their app's settings. You can print without pre-selecting the printer, this just means participants must make a couple extra taps at the end of their session.

We cannot guarantee that other print servers not listed here will work reliably.

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