Simple Booth's iPad apps support printing over AirPrint, a wireless printing protocol made by Apple. Printing is not supported on Virtual Booth.

Types Of Networks

Your printer and iPad must be on the same network in order to print successfully. It is always a good idea to have at more than one network available in case you need to use a backup option.

  • WiFi network: most people think of the WiFi at their home or office when thinking about networks. The signal for these networks is emitted from a router plugged into ethernet.

    Many venues will have a WiFi network available for you to use, but the reliability of these networks can be unpredictable.

  • Cellular network: networks from cell phone providers (5G, LTE, etc.) can be used to print. An iPad with built-in cellular or a hotspot are both good options.

    Cellular networks are typically pretty reliable, but keep in mind that just like your cell phone, the strength of the signal can vary (especially if you are in a large building or very crowded area).

  • Local network: local networks are not connected to the Internet but can still be used to print. Some printers will include a local network you can use, or you can use a router that is not hooked up to ethernet.

    Local networks are an excellent backup option, just keep in mind digital copies of the pictures will get caught in Simple Booth's offline queue until you can connect to a cellular or WiFi network.

1. Connect your printer or print server device to the network you plan to use

How to do this depends on your printer model, but will involve finding your printer's network settings and selecting the network you would like to use (you will be prompted to enter the network's password if it is password protected).

If you are using a print server, select the network you would like to use from your print server settings. Some print servers are laptop based, in that case be sure your laptop is connected to the correct network.

If you aren't sure where to find your network settings, consult your printer (or print server) manual.

2. Connect your iPad to the same network

If the iPad has been connected to any other networks that are "in range," be sure to forget any of them that you don't plan to use.

3. Try a test print from your Simple Booth settings

Your print panel in your settings includes a test print button.

You can also try a test "session" by launching into test mode or booth mode, but using the print panel's test button is much faster to test your connection.

4. Preselect Your Printer

The printer can be preselected from the top section of the Prints panel once you've made a successful test print.

When the printer is preselected, we will send all prints to this specific printer unless there is a disruption in the connection. This makes printing as easy as possible for your guests!


Most printer connection issues are directly related to your network connection. This could be related to a weak connection, or something like a firewall.

Either fall back to one of your backup networks and try a re-test, or use our tips below to isolate the cause of the problem so that you can correct the issue.

Next Steps

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