Uploading your own graphics to your photo layouts is one of the most powerful customizations you can make!

Customizing the Photo Layout

Simple Booth Classic

The Simple Booth Classic app (formerly Event Edition) supports logos, which can appear above, next to, or below your pictures. 

The example above has an Amazon Video logo at the bottom position.


All HALO tiers support logos, margins backgrounds, overlays, and green screen for the photo layout. 

The example above has an overlay that adds a transparent border to the top and bottom of the frame.

Multiple logos and overlays are not supported at this time, meaning each participant will have the same graphics on their photo.

Green Screen

Green screen replaces the background behind participants and does require an actual green (or blue) backdrop.

The Special Event and Lite tier plans both support a single background. Standard supports up to 6 backgrounds per event and the Pro plan allows for unlimited backgrounds, giving participants a little more choice.

Customizing the Booth Experience

In addition to being able to customize the photo layouts, all HALO tiers support custom graphics on other parts of the experience.

Make the booth yours by adding custom designs to places like your start screen, online gallery, and Live Feed slideshow ads.

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