Simple Booth makes a few different products designed for different types of events and activations. Virtual Booth can be used for in-person and remote use, and our other apps are designed for in-person use through our iOS apps.


The Classic app is great, basic photo booth app for more casual events and DIY photo booths.

  • Price: $99 one time fee

  • Best for: personal use and casual events when you don't need anything too fancy

  • Not recommended for: business use

The HALO app supports four different subscriptions to meet different needs. Change or cancel your plan anytime - when you resubscribe you will regain access to old event settings.

HALO Special Event

Special Event is perfect for a DIY photo booth at weddings or more casual parties like a birthday party or backyard BBQ.

  • Price: $29/month, $232/year

  • Best for: personal use and casual events when more customization options and features are desired.

  • Not recommended for: business use


HALO Lite supports removing Simple Booth branding and grants access to basic email and text message customizations.

  • Price: $99/month, $792/year

  • Best for: personal use and small businesses

  • Not recommended for: incorporating your company's branding on the booth

HALO Standard

HALO Standard is where we introduce marketing tools.

  • Price: $149/month, $1,520/year

  • Best for: capturing data and highlighting your branding

  • Not recommended for: personal or casual use


HALO Pro supports an age gate and brand moderation tool.

  • Price: $249/month, $2,092/year

  • Best for: organizations with privacy concerns

  • Not recommended for: personal or casual use

Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth is a browser-based photo booth that allows you to deliver a branded photo booth to remote participants. Virtual Booth can also be used in-person as a standalone booth or together with the HALO app.

Virtual Booth is credit based. Each upload consumes 1-2 credits credits are included in all HALO plans or purchased in blocks.

  • Special Event: 150/month

  • Lite: 500/month

  • Standard: 1,000/month

  • Pro: 1,500/month

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