Virtual Booth Credits
How credits work, and how many are included in each subscription tier
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Credits are only consumed while using our browser-based Virtual Booth. If you plan to use our iPad-based HALO app, credits will not be used and the HALO app supports unlimited photos during your subscription term.

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How are credits consumed?

Uploads cost 1-3 credits on average depending on whether or not you are using background replacement.

No Background Replacement

Each upload without background replacement costs 1 credit, regardless of the number of retakes. Participants will be limited to 10 uploads.

With Background replacement

Adding background replacement to an upload costs an additional credit. The average number of credits used per upload to your gallery is 3 credits/upload.

Ex. picture captured (1 credit) > retake selected > new picture captured (1 credit) > photo uploaded (1 credit)

How will I know when I am running out of credits?

You will receive email updates when your credits are running low. Simple Booth will email you when you have reached 50% credits remaining, 25% credits remaining, and a final notification when you run out of your credits.

How do I get credits?

Plan Credits

A set number of credits is included in each plan. A plan is required to access Virtual Booth and its settings, as well as to purchase additional credit blocks.

Unused plan credits roll over for 3 months.

Plan Name

Cost (Monthly)

Credits Per Month

Special Event












Note: upgrading your plan will not immediately add more credits to your account.

Block Credits

Add more credits to your account immediately by purchasing a credit block.

Block credits expire after 1 year.

Number Of Credits

Price Per Credit

















Monitoring Credits Available

Account credits will be displayed in the top right corner of your dashboard.

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