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Virtual Booth Participant Experience
Virtual Booth Participant Experience
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Virtual Booth is a browser-based version of our software, where participants capture and upload their photo from their own cell phone or laptop. Participants access your booth by scanning a QR code or clicking a link.

As the host, you will first customize the experience including the pictures, branding and appearance, and the editing and sharing methods available to participants.

Then, anybody interacting with your booth will follow the steps below.

1. Accessing Your Booth

Participants will either click or tap a link, or scan a QR code to access your photo booth.

The link & QR code are generated at the time you create your event and can be accessed from your Virtual Booth preset settings.

You can share the link or QR on your website, via email, etc.; and the QR code can be printed for physical signage at your event.

2. Welcome Page

Participants first land on your custom splash page, where they can learn more about your event and consent to having their photo uploaded.

They'll click or tap a "let's go" button to advance to the next step.

3. Adding Pictures

Taking A New Picture

Camera permissions must be granted the first time Virtual Booth is opened on a browser and your guest wants to take a new photo.

Most browsers automatically ask for permission, but we have troubleshooting help for both mobile and desktop in our help center in case participants run into any issues. This information is easily accessible from your booth!

Camera Roll Uploads

If anyone denies access to the camera or would prefer to upload an existing photo to your gallery, a "choose image" button is also available.

After choosing an image, the app helps them square crop and resize if necessary.

4. Customizing Uploads

After the picture has uploaded, participants will reach a preview & editing page. As the host, you pick & choose which types of edits are available to participants, if any.

You can keep it simple by offering fewer options, or let them get creative with dozens of choices.

5. Uploading To Your Gallery

Once they are happy with their final product, participants will use the post button to add their picture to your gallery.

If your gallery is public, participants can opt-out of having their picture posted publicly while still being able to save.

6. Saving & Sharing

The final step is to save and/or share the picture to social media! Once the upload makes it to your gallery, participants can choose from various sharing options or a download button.

If your gallery is public, they can also view the rest of your gallery once they are done!

Try It Yourself!

The demo's online gallery is private.

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