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Booth Attendant Guide - Owner Responsibilities
Booth Attendant Guide - Owner Responsibilities

Steps to take before handing things off to your booth attendant, brand ambassador, etc.

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Taking a few steps before handing your photo booth off to somebody else is the best way to ensure a smooth experience.

1. Prepare the iPad & app

Complete the items in both of these lists. Certain items in these lists may require the Apple ID the Simple Booth login credentials, which you may not want to share with your booth attendant.

2. Share the Guided Access password

If you've completed step 1, you have a Guided Access password. The booth attendant needs to know this in order to enable & disable the feature at the beginning & end of the event.

The booth attendant guide does have instructions on enabling & disabling Guided Access, but it's a good idea to go over it with them too.

3. Plan ahead for internet access

Which network to use will depend on your circumstances, but in most of them you'll need the network's passcode.

Whatever your plan, relay it with your booth attendant so they know what to expect (for example, the venue will provide the network password when they get there -- use a hotspot as a backup plan).

4. Show your booth attendant the setup process

The booth attendant guide includes information about how to set up the HALO hardware and software, but if this is their first time using the equipment giving them a quick run through of both processes in person is very valuable.

5. Show your booth attendant which settings to use

Make sure your booth attendant doesn't accidentally select the wrong settings!

You can reduce the risk of things getting mixed up by archiving your old event settings.

6. Printing - what to do if you plan to print

Format your prints

Formatting your print layout almost always involves some trial and error that should be taken care of before the day of your event, and is not something the booth attendant should be responsible for.

Review the setup and troubleshooting steps

Printing is a unique in that the ease of setup can vary greatly, because most printing problems are related to the WiFi connection. Since you typically won't be able to test printing at the venue ahead of time, this can lead to unexpected difficulties the day of your event, like if the network's signal just isn't strong enough.

Your booth attendant should understand the printer setup process as well as how to troubleshoot connection issues once they reach the venue. We do not recommend sending your booth attendant to an event without any printing experience, so be sure they go through the printer setup steps at least once with you.

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