If you are using Simple Booth for the first time or setting up on a brand new device, there are a few steps you will need to take to get your iPad ready. 

Note: these instructions are for the latest iPadOS available. If you are not on the most current iPadOS update, you may find these settings are named and organized slightly differently.

The following items are settings you will only need to change once for the initial setup of your device(s). To see a list of things to run through before each event, see our pre-event checklist.

1. Enable Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature built into your iPad that prevents guests from leaving the Simple Booth app during your event.

The feature must first be enabled from your iPad's settings before you can start and stop Guided Access "sessions."

Enabling Guided Access only needs to happen once, however you must start a new Guided Access session before each event by triple clicking the home or side button and starting Guided Access.

2. Display Auto-Lock

Enabling the Display Auto-Lock setting will prevent your screen from dimming or turning off during your events.

Display Auto-Lock is a Guided Access setting designed to shut off the iPad’s screen after 20 minutes of inactivity in order to save power when Guided Access is in use.

Set Display Auto-Lock to never from your iPad settings.

3. Enable AssistiveTouch through Accessibility Shortcut

We strongly encourage you to use lighting during your event for picture quality!

If your hardware makes it difficult to shut off the iPad's screen, using these features helps you break down more quickly.

When you're ready to lock your iPad:

  1. Enable AsistiveTouch (the method varies by iPad model)

  2. Use the on-screen menu that appears to visit the Device section, then select the option to Lock Screen.

You might also find that you simply prefer to take the iPad out of your device in order to break down! This is totally personal preference 👍

4. Disable Disruptive Brightness & Display Settings

Your iPad has a few settings (like auto brightness) enabled by default. Updating these settings ensures your booth won't be disrupted.

Disable the following:

  • Smart Invert

  • Classic Invert

  • Set Color Filters to off

  • Reduce White Point

  • Auto-Brightness

5. Disable iCloud Photo Sharing

Leaving iCloud photo settings enabled while using Simple Booth can result in your iCloud storage filling up much more quickly than anticipated.

This may or may not be a problem for you!

6. Enable Find My iPad

It’s rare that iPads go missing at events, but who doesn’t want an extra layer of security? 

Next Steps: Pre Event Checklist

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