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Troubleshooting Printer Connection Issues
Troubleshooting Printer Connection Issues
What to do if you can't find the printer in your Simple Booth app
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There are a few potential causes for printing problems. These troubleshooting steps are designed to isolate the cause of the problem so you know what to address.

Basic Setup 

The first step is to confirm that the printer has been set up properly. 

  1. Plug in and turn on the printer.

  2. Make sure the iPad and printer (or your wireless print server device) are both on the same WiFi network. 

  3. If you have tried multiple networks that are "in range," make your iPad forget any network you don't plan to use. 


If you're unable to print after following the steps above, follow these steps to isolate the issue. 

1. Is the printer working on its own?


Plug your printer into a computer and print any file to your printer.

If The Print Is Sent To Your Printer

Move on to step 2.

If The Print Is Not Sent To Your Printer

  • Check for firmware updates through your printer manufacturer.

  • Delete and reinstall your printer driver and printer firmware

2. Is the WiFi network reliable?


Open the iPad's built in "Photos" app, select any image from your Camera Roll, and try a print.

If both devices are on the same network but you can't print from the Photos app, this suggests a problem with the WiFi network. The issue might be a slow connection (which can happen on WiFi networks and hotspots), or the network may have a firewall or other security restrictions in place.

If The Print Is Sent To Your Printer

Move on to step 3.

If The Print Is Not Sent To Your Printer

  • First make sure you are still connected to the same network on both devices (step 2 under "basic setup" above).

  • Connect to a second network if one is available, and try a new test print.

  • If a second network is unavailable or unreliable, you might be able to use one of these alternative network recommendations.

    You may need to try a few networks before finding one that works reliably. Remember to "forget" any network you don't plan to use during the event.

3. Is Simple Booth printing?


Once the Photos app test print works, it is time to test your Simple Booth app.

If The Print Is Sent To Your Printer
As long as the Photos app test worked, Simple Booth should also be able to find your printer.

If The Print Is Not Sent To Your Printer
It is not common, but if you are having trouble selecting your printer or printing at this point, please get in touch with our team!

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