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License Management For Organizations
License Management For Organizations

Best practices for managing multiple HALO licenses on one or more accounts

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Depending on the size of your team and your needs, we recommend two different ways to set up your organization's account(s) in order to manage multiple licenses for your HALO devices.

How Licenses Are Activated

A single HALO license will activate one iPad at a time. In order to use multiple iPads simultaneously you will need to have multiple licenses, regardless of which license management method you choose.

Any of your licenses can easily be transferred between devices as needed.

Shared Account

Using a shared account that has all of your licenses on it is the simplest solution. If you go this route, it is important that everyone who can access the account can be trusted not to make undesired changes to things like your billing or booth settings.

Use a shared account for all of your teammates, locations, etc. if you want to:

  • Give all of your teammates access to everything on the account, including billing

  • Keep things simple by having all of the billing, pictures, and analytics in one place

How It Works

All teammates will use the same email address and password to sign into your online dashboard as well as the HALO app.

Since all of your event activity will occur on the same account, you'll be able to access your analytics reporting and galleries all from one place.


You have 5 HALOs that will all be running simultaneously, so you need 5 licenses active under your one account.

Be sure your colleagues know the login credentials for your account in order to activate the license on their respective iPads.

Separate Accounts

Using separate accounts for each team member involves just a few more steps, and is a more secure option to manage multiple booths while still taking advantage of the add on license pricing.

Use a separate account for each of your teammates, locations, etc. in order to:

  • Prevent teammates from accessing your account's billing

  • Ensure your teammates don't accidentally use the wrong event settings

  • Ensure a license doesn't accidentally get "stolen" by another teammate

  • Potentially keep analytics reporting for each account separate. If you use shared accounts, there is also a way to keep all of your analytics in one place on your main account. This is related to sharing event settings – more below!

How It Works

You will have a main account for billing, which will "own" all your team's licenses. This account won't be used to run any events.

Sharing App & Account Access - Required

You'll need to set up one or more separate "sub-account(s)" at and will use a unique email address for each account.

Assign a license to each sub-account in order to grant the accounts access to the app and their own online dashboard.

Each teammate, location, etc. will use their respective sub-account login credentials to sign into the app and online dashboard. It can be helpful to use email addresses related to the location or team designated for each sub-account (for example:;

Sharing Event Settings - Optional

Sharing your license with the sub-account is not the same thing as sharing event settings, which is optional.

Let Sub-Accounts Manage Settings

You may want to allow the sub-account owner to create their own event settings, in which case you are all set.

If you go this route:

  • Be sure your teammates are familiar with our settings and how to customize them.

  • The sub-account will have access to and can manage the online gallery and analytics reporting. Analytics, pictures, etc. will not be available from your main account and must be accessed through each sub-account.

Manage Settings Yourself

Maintain more control over booth settings by creating them on your main account and sharing them to each sub-account.

If you go this route:

  • ...and share the presets as "read-only", you will need to make adjustments to your settings from the main account should a sub-account holder request one.

  • ...and share the preset with edit access, your teammate can make adjustments to their booth settings.

  • Either way, the sub-account will not have access to the online gallery and analytics reporting. These will be accessed and managed from the main account. Your sub-account holders will need to request this information from you as needed.


You have 5 HALOs that will all be running simultaneously, so will set up 6 accounts. The main account will be used to pay for all 5 licenses.

Assign a license (and potentially event settings) with each sub-account.

Be sure your colleagues know which account belongs to them and that account's login credentials. Do not share the main account's login credentials with anybody else.

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