Adding at least one HALO license on your account will give you access to the online and in-app settings on unlimited devices. 

You can check on your account's licenses from the license page and can manage them from the subscription page.

Running Events

For the purpose of "launching the booth" and running your event, a single HALO app license will allow you to run one event at a time. In order to run multiple events simultaneously, you will need to have as many licenses as devices that you expect to be in use concurrently.

Your license will be checked when you launch the booth. 

If the last time you used your license was on a different device (or if it is currently in use on another device), you will be prompted to "take" it from the other device to use on your current iPad. 

You can add more licenses anytime and we offer volume discounts.

Need to start using a new iPad but don't have simultaneous events? 

If you simply need to start using your same license on a new device, follow these instructions to unlink the license, which will free it up for the new device to use. 

Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth is credit based. You will need to estimate how many pictures you anticipate participants taking in order to determine how many credits you will need.

Participants will access your booth from their own device, so there is no restriction on how many devices can open your booth.

Participants will not be able to upload more than 10 photos to help curb credit use. It is rare that a single participant posts more than 2-3 photos.

Simple Booth Classic

Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition) is purchased through the App Store and is associated with your Apple ID.

Apple will allow you to use it on multiple devices at a time if they are all logged in with the same Apple ID, typically with a limit of 5-10 devices.

Learn more about managing associated devices on Apple's website.

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