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Do I have to make my own graphics?
Do I have to make my own graphics?
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Simple Booth supports a variety of way to customize what the experience looks like for your participants.

We have a collection of free photo booth themes and prop packs that are available to all HALO and Classic customers.

You can also customize to a greater extent by adding your own graphics to the pictures. Higher tier plans support customizations to other parts of the experience.

Pre-made graphics are not available for Virtual Booth.


Our built-in themes will add a custom start screen and overlay to the picture layout.

Choose from over 60 themes ranging from weddings and birthdays to popular year-round holidays.

Themes can currently only be selected in-app from the "Themes" section. You'll see a preview (as shown below) before confirming your choice.

Don't see the theme you were looking for? We're always open to requests, you can use the chat window in the lower right corner to submit your idea!

Please note we cannot always accommodate new ideas, especially on short notice. Learn more about designing your own graphics below!


Our digital props are an easy, hygienic alternative to a traditional prop table.

We have over 100 props, organized into various prop packs. You can pick and choose specific props to enable and can even combine props from different packs.

Props rely on face detection technology, so will automatically be sized and placed on participants' faces when selected.

Custom Graphics

Create a more unique look by adding custom graphics!

Custom graphics can be used together with any theme, and you can combine custom props with Simple Booth's props. Pick your product below to see what you can add!

Graphics Editing Programs

If you are new to creating and editing graphics online, don't be intimidated! There are plenty of easy-to-use programs and we recommend a few here:

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