In addition to being able to customize layouts, on all the HALO tiers (aside from the Special Event plan) you are able to customize the rest of the booth.

What kinds of customizations are available on each HALO tier?

  • Special Event: Customize a color theme for the photo booth.

  • Lite: Customize a color theme; upload a custom start screen and edit screen. 

  • Standard: Customize a color theme; upload a custom start screen, edit screen, Gallery logos, and up to one Live Feed ad. 

  • Pro: Customize a color theme; upload a custom start screen, edit screen, Gallery logos, and unlimited Live Feed ads. 

Color Theme

Adjust the font and background color for the booth's pages. Use a hex code or our color picker.

Start Screen


Choose from the front or rear camera. We recommend using the front camera so participants can more easily customize the experience

Countdown Seconds

  • Countdown Seconds: Countdown seconds are displayed on the screen so participants know which each frame is being snapped. With the exception of video layouts and the Live GIF layouts, countdown seconds reset between each frame.

  • Delay Seconds: Delay seconds are not displayed on the screen and only count down before the very first frame. This gives participants extra time before the first picture to frame themselves properly if they need to be standing further away or you're using unique graphics and they need to pose more specifically.

Get Ready Prompt

Let participants know what layout format you have chosen, and how many frames to expect.

Custom Start Screen Background

Upload your graphic or video to the start screen panel. When you use a custom design for your attract screen, the “Tap To Start Booth” text will be disabled so be sure to add something like that in! 

Video start screens are also supported.

Edit Screen Background 

Customize the edit screen background to match your booth’s theme. Since most of this will be covered up by your guests’ photos this one can typically be pretty simple. 

The online gallery where participants view their photos can also be customized.

Learn more about how to customize your online gallery and Live Feed slideshow below.


How do I know what size to make my graphics? 

The design guide includes sizing specifications for these customizations.

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