What is Virtual Booth for?

Virtual Booth is a browser-based photo booth that allows you to deliver a branded photo booth to remote participants. Virtual Booth can also be used in-person as a standalone booth or together with the HALO app.

How does the HALO subscription relate to Virtual Booth?

Virtual Booth is included with HALO software subscriptions. HALO subscriptions include Virtual Booth credits, which gives you access to run virtual events.

How many Virtual Booth credits come with the different HALO plans?

Each HALO plan comes with a number of Virtual Booth credits per month. Adding more HALO licenses does not increase the number of credits included with your plan. Simple Booth Classic does not include Virtual Booth credits.

Credits will replenish each month for annual plans.

  • Special Event: 150 credits/month

  • Lite: 500 credits/month

  • Standard: 1,000 credits/month

  • Premium: 1,500 credits/month

Do I use credits while using the HALO app?

Credits are not consumed when using the HALO app for in person events.

How do the credits work? What happens if I run out of credits?

Each regular photo consumes one credit.

Photos taken with magic background replacement consume two credits. Retakes when background replacement is enabled consume an additional credit. The event average is 3 credits per participant when background replacement is in use.

To get more credits, you can purchase a block of credits. Learn more about pricing in our help center.

How do I set up Virtual Booth?

Virtual Booth is easy to use! Our customization process is simple and straightforward, and the tools you need to share your event are already included.

Check out this helpful video here, or read the guide in our help center!

Are the QR codes and links used to share Virtual Booth events reusable?

Yes! They can be scanned or clicked multiple times so that a unique QR code/link doesn’t have to be regenerated for multiple participants.

Do you have pre-made assets or templates for Virtual Booth.

Virtual Booth does not include pre-made graphics, but we support your custom designs. We hope to provide themes in the future!

What can I customize and how do I size my graphics?

You can customize the booth’s capture page header image, background image, and the background/text color. For the photos you can add multiple photo overlays, multiple magic backgrounds, and stickers.

When multiple options are available, participants can choose how to customize their own photo. For a more streamlined look, only upload one graphic of each type.

Get tips for creating beautiful, effective graphics (as well as sizing information) in the help center.

Can I use different layouts?

Virtual Booth currently supports a single frame, square cropped still photo layout. More layouts may be introduced in the future!

Can I embed Virtual Booth into my application or website?

Yes, links can be embedded with an embed code or button creation.

Do you offer a white label solution?

Virtual Booth does not currently support a fully white labeled option but does allow for you to highlight your own brand. We would love to discuss your specific needs, contact our team and we can chat about the details.

What if I only need to use Virtual Booth for one event?

Easy! You can cancel your subscription anytime prior to your renewal to avoid a recurring charge. Learn how in our help center.

How long can an event run?

As long as you have credits and an active license. We recommend closing your event from your participant access panel once the event ends to prevent any surprises after the event is over.

How many events can I run at once?

As many as you want!

Which languages are supported?

Virtual Booth is currently supported in English, Polish, French, and Dutch. The language will be automatically set based on the default language for each participant's browser.

Need a different language? Use the chat window in the corner to get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

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