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HALO app vs. Virtual Booth

HALO and Virtual Booth offer similar photo booth experiences with some key differences.

HALO is an iPad app and is our signature product, designed for in-person events and activations.

Virtual Booth was introduced early on during the pandemic as a response to remote event needs. Virtual Booth is browser-based and can be used both during in-person events as well as remotely!

HALO iPad App

Virtual Booth


All of our software tiers include access to the HALO app.

Virtual Booth is available on the Plus, Pro, and Select plans.

Booth Access

Participants will all take pictures from your iPad(s). 

Participants access your photo booth from their own phone or computer via a QR code or link.

The link will open in a browser.

Participant Experience

Receiving Pictures

Links are shared via text, email, or QR scan.

Printing is also supported.

Participants can save their picture directly to their device.

Number of Uploads Included

Make unlimited uploads while your subscription is active.

Credits are not consumed for HALO uploads.

100 free credits included. 

Additional credits can be purchased anytime.

Virtual Booth FAQs


How do I share Virtual Booth access?

Your Virtual Booth event settings will always include an automatically-generated link and QR code unique to that event. You can use either or both!

How long can an event run?

Your event will remain active as long as you have credits and an active license.

We recommend closing your event from your participant access panel once the event ends to prevent unwanted uploads after the event ends.

Can I run multiple events at once?

You can run any number of events simultaneously until your credits run out.

Do you offer a white label solution?

Virtual Booth does not currently support a fully white labeled option but does allow for you to highlight your own brand.

We would love to discuss your specific needs, contact our team and we can chat about the details.

Which languages are supported?

Virtual Booth is currently supported in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Germain French, Dutch, and Danish. The language will be automatically set based on the default language for each participant's browser.

Need a different language? Use the chat window in the corner to get in touch with our team to discuss your options.


How can I customize Virtual Booth?

You can customize both the booth appearance with a color scheme and your branding.

The pictures can be customized with stickers, overlays, and magic background replacement (meaning we can replace the background of the pictures without a green screen!). If you upload multiple graphics participants will have the opportunity to choose their favorites.

What layout types are supported?

Virtual Booth currently supports a single frame, square cropped still photo layout. More layouts may be introduced in the future!

Do you have pre-made assets or templates for Virtual Booth?

Virtual Booth does not include pre-made graphics, but we support your custom designs. We hope to provide themes in the future!

The HALO app currently includes some pre-made themes.

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