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Size and file type requirements for Virtual Booth graphics.

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You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your booth's picture layout and overall appearance.

This guide includes information on supported file types and how to size graphics properly for Virtual Booth.

Design Specs

You will need to know what size to make each type of graphic before you can start designing.

We list the proper size for each type of graphic you can upload below as well as in your settings.

You'll normally find the size recommendation right beneath the upload button. Certain sizing recommendations are dynamic (learn more below), so be careful!

Booth Design

Header Image

The header image will appear at the top of your splash page, which is the first thing participants see when visiting your booth.

The size of your header is personal preference, you are welcome to stray slightly from these recommendations if necessary.

  • Small header: 180 x 1,200px

  • Medium header: 315 x 1,200px

  • Large header: 450 x 1,200px

Maximum file size is 1MB. PNG recommended, JPEG is also supported.

Background Image

The background image will replace the background of your splash page. You can adjust the background opacity in order to create a more unique effect together with the background color settings.

We do not recommend a specific size for the background because the appearance will look different based on screen size. Below are general recommendations you can use to get started, though you may decide to make adjustments after reviewing your booth's appearance.

  • Full Screen Backgrounds: 1,920x1,080px

  • Repeating Backgrounds: the longer side should not exceed 400px

Maximum file size is 1MB. PNG recommended, JPEG is also supported.

Photo Design

Customize the appearance of the pictures.


The overlay be placed on top of the finished layout after capture. Virtual Booth supports multiple overlays.

Learn more about creating overlays in our Overlay Guide.

Recommended file size is 1,280x1,280px.

Maximum file size is 1MB. PNG recommended.


The background file will replace the background behind participants (without a green screen!).

Recommended file size is 1,280x1,280px.

โ€‹Maximum file size is 1MB. PNG recommended, JPEG is also supported.


Participants can drag and drop stickers onto their layout, then adjust the sizing and placement.

Recommended file size is 800x800px.

Maximum file size is 1MB. PNG recommended.

Gallery & Live Feed Design

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