Sharing your Virtual Booth capture page is easy! The Participant Access Panel, found at the top of your settings, includes a unique QR code and URL for each of your events.

Participants can scan the QR code, or use your link to start snapping photos.

If participants would prefer to use a different device from the one they initially used to access your photo booth, there's an easy way to do so.

Starting and stopping your Virtual Booth

The button at the top of your Participant Access Panel will allow you to start and stop your event.

When the booth is turned off, participants will not be able to add more photos to your gallery and will instead see the message below. If your gallery is public, the booth closed message will include a link to the gallery page!

Ways to share your event

Not sure what to do with your QR code or link? Here are some ideas for how you can share your event.


You can include hyperlinked text or a button to the capture link. Most email editors will have visual button editing tools if you need assistance with creating a button.

You can also include the QR code in your email messaging by uploading the file.

Websites & social media

Similar to email, you can add a button with your event link to your website or event page.

You can also create digital signage with your QR to include on your website or post to social media.

Physical signage

If you are planning for a socially-distanced in-person event, the QR code can be printed and displayed around the venue for guests to scan while they enjoy your event!

Launching your Virtual Booth

Here's a final checklist to run through when you are ready to get started:

  1. Confirm you have enough credits for your event.

  2. Be sure your gallery link and/or QR code is ready to be posted if it has not already been distributed.

  3. Revisit your Participant Access Panel and click the button to start accepting uploads.

  4. Don't forget to close the event when you're finished from the same Participant Access Panel.

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