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Your Offline Upload Queue
Your Offline Upload Queue

The app will store uploads, messages, and other data when your iPad is offline or has a weak connection

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The offline upload queue is how we support offline use. If an upload cannot complete due to a weak or non-existent WiFi connection, it will remain in the queue and automatically try again later.

⚠️ Keep Your App Updated ⚠️

The current version of our app requires you are running iOS 16 or later.

Keeping your app and iPadOS updated is extremely important in order for the queue to perform reliably. Check the App Store for updates regularly.

Do not log out or delete your app when items are queued. These actions will delete any queued items. Both actions have a built in warning to help you avoid an accident.

Queue Basics

  • WiFi connections at venues are often unreliable. As long as pictures are not showing as "failed" in your queue, you can be confident everything is working normally.

  • Uploads are stored together with the contact method participants used, so as soon as each picture uploads it will also send out to the person who requested the link.

  • Information collected through our data capture feature will also be stored.

  • Stuck uploads will automatically retry while your iPad is connected to WiFi and your app is either open or "running in the background."

  • Enabling queue notifications will result in a series of push notifications sent to your iPad to remind you when uploads are still pending. You'll be prompted to enable queue notifications after downloading the app from the App Store, or can enable it manually from your iPad's notifications settings.

  • Videos and layouts with more frames will always take longer to send out than single-frame images and layouts with fewer frames, there's just more data to upload. If fast upload speeds are your priority, consider using the single-frame layout.

Finding Your Queue

Queue information is not available in your online dashboard and can only be accessed through the app itself.

From In App Settings

You'll find a tab for your queue at the bottom of the app's settings pages. If anything is still pending, you'll see a notification icon over the queue's tab.

From Mission Control In Booth Mode

From your booth's "tap to start" screen, you can access a secret Mission Control menu that includes some helpful tools and information.

Causes For Stuck Uploads & Failures

Outdated App Version

Being fully updated is the best way to ensure the queue will function properly and is the main reason why our Pre Event Checklist details checking for both an iOS and an app update prior to every event.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can include being on an unreliable or weak WiFi network, a network that has a firewall, a lack of storage space on your iPad, having too many other apps running at the same time, and iPad errors.

System Errors

System errors are rare and can occur when the software runs into an unexpected problem. When this happens, you may see the error in your queue manager (e.g, "dependency issue" or "storage issue").

Addressing Stuck Uploads

Follow the instructions in this section if your stuck uploads are still in the "In Progress" section of your queue.

If your uploads are instead in the "Failed" section of your queue, skip ahead to the next section.

Updated App Version

If your app was fully updated before your event, first check on the environmental factors and system errors.

  1. Make sure your iPad has at least 5GB of storage space available. If not, clear up space so that you have at least 5GB free. Learn how to check your storage & create more space here.

  2. Make sure no other apps are "running in the background" by closing them. Learn how to close other apps here.

  3. Close out of the HALO app too -- Closing the app will not disrupt the queue!

  4. Power cycle your iPad by turning it off and back on. Learn how here.

  5. Make sure you're connected to WiFi, and relaunch the HALO app.

  6. Take a new test picture and upload it to your gallery; this step can prompt the queue to start moving if it hasn't already.

If your uploads are still stuck at this point, repeat steps 5 & 6 while connected to another WiFi network. If you can, trying these last two steps on at least 3 networks is ideal.

Outdated App Version

If your app wasn't up-to-date before your event, first try to get your uploads to send out before updating.

  1. Follow the steps in the above section to check on the environmental factors.

  2. If your uploads are still stuck, update your iOS and then your HALO app (in that order).

  3. Repeat steps 5 & 6 from the article above, ideally testing on at least 3 networks.

Still Stuck?

In most cases, following the suggestions above will prompt your queue to start moving and all of your uploads will successfully reach your gallery and be sent out to the people who took them.

If your uploads still aren't moving, or you can see that you have photos in your queue's "failed" tab, check out our article on managing failed uploads as a next step.

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