Mission Control

Mission Control allows you to check your booth's status, access a few key settings, and can be used to return to your settings.

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Mission Control is easily accessible after launching into test mode or booth mode for easy access while your event is underway.

Accessing Mission Control

Mission Control can only be accessed after launching your booth, from the "tap to start" screen.

It is intentionally a bit difficult to pull up so that participants do not accidentally end up here, so it may take a few tries to get the hang of it!

  1. While your app is resting on the start screen, place two fingers side-by-side on the screen.

  2. Slowly “pinch out” by sliding your fingers in opposite directions.

Navigating Mission Control

Mission Control allows you to see and accomplish a few key things without disrupting your event.

Returning To Settings

If you do need to adjust your preset settings, Mission Control allows you to quickly return to your settings.

Booth Status & Queue

Information about the status of your booth and your offline queue will be on display when you first access Mission Control. This includes information about your network, storage, and license key.

Camera & Screen Settings

Adjust things like your camera's exposure, zoom settings, and the transparency of your start screen.

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