We recommend going through a few steps prior to your event to make setting up at the venue as easy as possible. 

To see a list of items you should run through as a one-time step, see our article about preparing your iPad for public use.

1. Update your app and iOS

Keeping your app version and iPadOS fully updated is the best way to avoid any issues.

First, check for an iOS update.

Then, check for an app update on your product's page.

2. Plan your power source

Leaving Simple Booth running at an event uses a lot of power because the camera and camera preview require a lot of resources.

  • Close other apps

  • Charge the iPad so the battery is full before you start

  • Bring an Apple manufactured charging cord with you to keep the iPad powered throughout the event. Third party charging cords are often not powerful enough to keep the iPad charged while the camera is on continuously.

2. Plan your WiFi network

Many venues do not have a reliable internet connection. While our apps will work offline, you will need the internet to log into the app. If possible, it's best to bring your own wireless hotspot so that you don't run into any surprises with connectivity issues.

Nothing's sending? Check your upload queue.

Note: if you have the opportunity to try multiple WiFi networks while setting up for the event, be sure to “forget” all other networks except the one that you plan to use.

3. Check your iPad's storage

You want at least 5GB of storage available on your device before using the booth.

The app might need some of that space during your event in case your WiFi is weak and we need to queue pictures.

4. Start a Guided Access session

Guided Access is a feature built into your iPad that prevents guests from leaving the Simple Booth app during your event.

Start by enabling the feature on your iPad.

Once you are set up at the event, you'll enable Guided Access (this can be done right before or after you launch). At the end of the evening disable it so you can pack up.

Instructions for enabling and disabling Guided Access varies by iPad model.

When your event is over, follow the same method you used to enable Guided Access in order to disable it again before packing up.

5. Take some test shots

Once you have everything else set up (including lighting and the positioning of the booth) take a few test shots and check on a few things.

  • If you're using a backdrop, is it centered and filling up the entire frame? Make adjustments if necessary.

  • If the pictures look too dark or light, update the camera's exposure and/or the white balance.

  • Want to make any other adjustments, like adding or removing an editing tool? Return to your settings before you enable Guided Access to make last-minute changes.

Use Test Mode while taking test shots. If you do need to make a change there's a button to return to settings. Then, once you launch into Booth Mode you'll be prompted to keep or delete any tests.

Preflight Check and Permissions

Your app includes a Preflight Check similar to this list! The app will prompt you to take action on anything that you might need or want to address before launching the booth. 

Required actions will be displayed at the top, and you will not be able to launch your event until each required item is complete. This includes checking for a license and other permissions like the ability to access the iPad's camera. 

Below the required items will be a section that includes the other, non-essential suggestions, most of which are mentioned in this list. 

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