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Preventing Participants From Exiting The Classic App
Preventing Participants From Exiting The Classic App

Use Guided Access after you launch your booth to keep your iPad secure

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Guided Access is a security feature built by Apple that prevents a person from exiting the application that is currently running. It can be used with any app on your iPad.

When using Guided Access with Simple Booth, it will lock participants into the "booth mode" flow, which moves from tap to start, to photo edits, a sharing screen, and finally back to the tap to start screen.

This prevents participants and event guests from accessing both sensitive information on your iPad as well as your photo booth settings.

Enabling Guided Access

Guided Access must first be set up (including choosing a passcode) before you can use it. Once it is set up, you can enable a Guided Access session after launching your booth.

Learn more in Apple's Help Center.

Other Security Measures

You can find more security suggestions as well as other tips on making sure your iPad is ready to go in our Help Center.

Returning To Settings

Returning to your settings after launching into booth mode is intentionally less-than-straightforward, which is designed to work hand-in-hand with Guided Access.

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