The Live Feed feature on your Gallery pages allows you to display the pictures taken at your event on the big screen for guests to enjoy and is a great way to increase engagement with the booth!

The Live Feed feature automatically resizes and arranges images based on the size of your screen or display. Regardless of whether the screen is in a vertical or horizontal position, widescreen or otherwise—Live Feed gets rid of all the guesswork. When you're ready to get started, enter the fullscreen mode to hide your URL bar for the slideshow.

Accessing and sharing Live Feed

You can access a Live Feed link from your gallery settings as well as from the gallery page itself when you are signed in.

Link sharing

The Live Feed panel in your gallery settings includes a direct link to the event’s Live Feed. Simply click the copy button to copy your feed's unique URL, and send it to your colleague or client for use during the event.

This link will preserve your advertisements if applicable but will not maintain custom feed layouts, transitions, and other settings.

Sharing settings

If you need to maintain specific Live Feed settings outside of your advertisements, start by playing the feed for the gallery.

Use the settings icon in the top right corner to adjust the Live Feed settings as necessary. You will notice the URL is updated with each change. Once you are happy with the settings, copy the entire URL (it may be long depending on your customizations!) and share as needed.

Projecting Live Feed

The Live Feed can be run from any browser that supports JavaScript, so there is a lot of flexibility to display your pictures. We do not recommend projecting your feed from a mobile device, as they often won't support the full screen mode.

There are endless possibilities for projecting your feed! Some popular options include the following:

  • Airplay with Apple TV

  • Chromecast

  • Smart TV - refer to your TV’s documentation for further instructions

Customizing Live Feed

There are a lot of ways to customize the look and feel of your Live Feed.

All customization options are available on every plan with the exception of custom advertisements, which are only available on the Standard and Pro tiers.

Number of photos

Choose how many photos from your gallery will display during Live Feed. Options range from 25 most recently added photos up to 1,000.

This is a great tool for sorting out older photos with permanent installations, where your gallery may have several months or years worth of photos.

Featured photos

Make participants feel like superstars by calling out each new photo full-screen before continuing your Live Feed.


Refresh mode

Customize whether the photos in your feed cycle simultaneously or individually.

  • Cascade: All photos in your layout will cycle in a smooth succession, starting with the top left corner and ending with the bottom right corner.

  • Individual: Each photo will refresh individually, starting with the top left corner and ending with the bottom right corner.

Visual effect

Choose how the photos in your feed appear as they transition.

  • Scale: photos in your feed will shrink to disappear and new photos expand in their place.

  • Rotate: pictures rotate or flip into the feed as it cycles through.

  • Slide: photos slide from left to right into place within your layout.

  • Fade: pictures fade into and out of place.


The delay tools allow you to slow down your feed and give participants a better opportunity to find and admire their upload.

The delay option that is available will depend on the refresh mode you plan to use.

  • Delay at end of cycle: When using cascade, the cycle delay pauses your feed after the cascade finishes loading all photos in your layout grid.

    The cascade will begin again after your cycle delay or advertisement(s).

  • Delay between photos: When using the individual photo refresh mode, the delay option will determine how long your feed pauses between each individual photo. We recommend a shorter pause for larger layout grids.


Customize your layout to best fit your screen and event theme!

Layout formats

  • Auto layout automatically adjusts to the optimal number of rows and columns for your screen size.

  • Manual layout can be used instead. After disabling auto layout, you can choose how many rows and columns to display.

Layout settings

Background color allows you to adjust the feed's background. Use a color picker to select any color, or the thumbnails to select one of the colors from your gallery settings.


Advertisement options will display a full-screen slide periodically during your feed. Use ads to highlight your brand or sponsor, shout out a special guest at the event, and more.

The ad options are based on your HALO plan:

  • Special Event includes a Simple Booth branded slide that will play every two cycles for six seconds.

  • Lite does not include a Simple Booth slide and does support custom ads (in other words, ad slides are not part of Live Feed on Lite).

  • Standard includes one ad for each feed.

  • Pro gives you access to unlimited ads for each of your Live Feeds.

Supported files

Live Feed ads are very flexible and we support a number of different file types! You can use a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or MP4 file. The recommended resolution is 1920x1080 pixels, and the file size should be no larger than 7 MB.

Ad duration

Decide how long and how frequently ads will display during your Live Feed. Ad duration options are only available on the Standard and Pro plans.

Default ad duration: this tool customizes how long your ad will be displayed on screen. The default duration will not apply if a video or GIF are selected.

If you are using mixed media, the default duration will apply to JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs but not MP4s.

When videos are in use, the ad will appear long enough for the file to play back, and then transition to your next ad or back to your feed depending on your settings.

Cycles between ad sets: customize how frequently your ad will play. You can choose to display an ad after each cycle or to show it more infrequently.

Ads per cycle: determine whether all of your ads will play in succession each time advertisements appear on the screen or if they will play periodically one at a time.

Live Feed tips & tricks

Live Feed uses a lot of resources and depending on your customizations, it might test the limitations of the device you are projecting from. If your device is less powerful, keep these tips in mind.

  • Mixed media (i.e., a combination of GIFs, stills, etc.) is not recommended for use with Live Feed.

  • Avoid the cascade refresh mode when using the Rebound layout. Rebound cycling in such quick succession can be difficult to load on certain devices.

  • Using a smaller layout grid and increasing the delay between photos can help things load more smoothly. This is particularly helpful with motion-based layouts like Rebound, and in circumstances where your internet connection is weak.

  • If you’re experiencing a lag in Chrome, try enabling hardware acceleration for your browser. This can be found in Chrome settings under Advanced > System.

  • Close other browser tabs and programs on your device.

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