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Are daily or weekly licenses available?
Are daily or weekly licenses available?
Can I be charged for just part of the month?
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The minimum time period we offer HALO subscriptions for is one month.

What if I have a one time event?

No problem, you can cancel anytime! You can even cancel immediately after signing up and your plan will remain active for the full subscription term ๐Ÿ‘

If you have one event that you want to use HALO for, we are confident we can help you think of other ways to use it throughout the month, too!

Virtual Events

Virtual Booth credits will come with every HALO plan, and you must have an active subscription in order to customize virtual events. When you cancel, any active virtual events will stop accepting uploads.

Credits that came with your HALO plan will roll over for 3 months. If you purchased bulk credits on top of your plan, those will roll over for 12 months, so if you have other events later in the year you may still be able to take advantage unused credits.

Learn more about Virtual Booth credits here.


Simple Booth does not have any cancelation fees or penalties, so if you'd like to use HALO instead of Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition) for an event, it is easy to cancel the license before your subscription renews.ย 

If you do not cancel your subscription will automatically renew.ย 

Account credits and refunds

Forget to cancel before your renewal? No problem, we are happy to assist! You can email our support team anytime to request assistance.

Please keep in mind we do not give prorated refunds if you only use the license for a partial month. Even one event is typically enough to make the HALO software or Virtual Booth a great investment!ย 

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