With Simple Booth, each of your guests will initially take their picture or GIF using the settings that you choose in the design panel. This is great if you want all of the pictures to have a uniform look, but in some circumstances you may want to allow guests to make some changes. 

After guests finish taking their pictures, they are brought to the edit screen in the app. As the event host, you choose which tools will be enabled/disabled in order to allow them to make changes. 

Simple Booth offers a lot of edit options, but we encourage you to consider limiting to 1-3 tools per event. When too many edit tools are available to guests, it can become overwhelming and might result in longer session times, which can result in longer lines during your event. 

Enabling Edit Tools

Edit tools are enabled and disabled from the Photo Editing panel in your app. HALO customers can also manage which editing tools are available from the app preset page. 

Find your photo editing panel and tap or click the "manage tools" button to enable or disable the various tools. Tools under the “selected” section will be available to guests during the event.

In-app, tap on each tool to move it back and forth, or use the arrows to move tools in bulk. Online, the tools can be moved with the arrow buttons or by dragging and dropping. 

Ordering Edit Tools 

Guests are most likely to use the first editing tool that’s available to them, and might not use the other tools you’ve enabled. Because of that, it’s a good idea to make the most important tool the very first tool in your list. 

When managing edit tools in-app you are able to tap, hold, and drag selected edit tools to re-order them. 

Note: certain edit tools will be automatically disabled when that tool does not work with your selected layout. For example, the rearrange tool will not be available when a single-frame layout is selected, because there are no frames to rearrange. Similarly, the GIF speed tool won’t be available unless a GIF layout is selected. 

Configuring Edit Tools

Certain edit tools can be configured to a greater extent. These tools include props, margin colors, drawing, layouts, and effects. 

To configure any edit tool in-app, tap on the tool after enabling it. 

Managing Specific tools

Edit tools are configured in the same way you enable them--options under the “selected” section will be available to guests during the event.


Props are unavailable for the video layout.

Props must first be enabled from the Props Panel. When you access a pack, every prop in that pack is enabled by default. You can choose them all, or can tap each individual prop to select or deselect it for your event.

After you’ve selected some prop packs, a prop editor will also become available within your photo editing panel. Accessing the prop editor from the photo editing panel will also allow you to select or de-select individual props after the packs are enabled. 

Standard and Pro tier customers can create custom props! Learn how to create custom props here.

Margin Color 

Configuring the margin tool involves selecting the colors guests can use for their margin background. Simple Booth offers a set of colors you can choose from, or you can add custom colors with our color wheel or by typing in your hex code.


Configuring the drawing tool involves selecting the colors guests can use in the same way the margins color tool is managed.

Standard and pro tier customers can also limit the drawable area with a custom prompt within the drawing panel. Restricting the area that guests can draw in can help avoid having logos or other important parts of your layout from being covered.


The layout tools allows guests to change their layout type. Configuring the layout tool allows you to choose which layouts guests can switch to.

If you have graphics uploaded to a uniquely-sized layout (e.g., a 1x4 photo strip), it is a good idea to limit guests’ options to other layouts that are similar in size (e.g., other photo strips) so that those graphics don’t become distorted. 


The default effect you apply in the design panel will initially be applied to every picture. Simple Booth offers 19 different effects in total, but you can limit the number of effects available on the edit screen in order to give your gallery a more uniform look or help guests move through the booth more quickly.


Rearrange is unavailable for the video layout.

Our rearrange tool allows guests to change the order of the frames in their layout. They can move the first frame they took to the last frame's position, or reorganize them in any number of ways depending on the number of frames they took. 

The rearrange tool is disabled from the photo editing panel when a single-frame layout is selected in the design panel as there isn't anything to rearrange! 

GIF Speed

When you are using a GIF layout, enabling the GIF speed tool allows guests to adjust the speed at which the frames play. 

The GIF speed tool is disabled from the photo editing panel when a non-GIF layout is selected


Allow guests to toggle the crop between no crop, square crop, and a circular crop.

The crop tool can be configured to add or remove specific crop types. 

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