Simple Booth uses Apple's AirPrint protocol for printing. AirPrint requires that the printer and iPad are connected over WiFi (Bluetooth, wired connections, etc. are not supported). 

If you plan to print, this means that you must have access to a WiFi network during your event! 

Certain venues will not have a WiFi network available for you to print over, or sometimes the network they can provide has a firewall in place that will disrupt your ability to print. If you have an upcoming event where a more "traditional" WiFi network will not be available, never fear! 

WiFi vs. Internet

Contrary to popular belief, WiFi and Internet are not the same thing. Local communication between devices (like an iPad and a printer) can occur over a WiFi signal with no connection to the internet. This is sometimes referred to as a Local Area Network (LAN). 

A printer with a "Direct Connection" or "Ad Hoc" network is an example of a WiFi network that does not have internet access. Most devices that offer a mode like this can also connect to an existing WiFi network that does have internet access, like a router plugged into a modem. 

On an iPad, you must use WiFi to connect to the internet since iPads do not have an ethernet port and can only gain access to the internet through a wireless network.

Read more about this and how to print when a more traditional network will be unavailable in our blog

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