If you plan to print at your events and are not yet familiar, be sure to read up about how printing with Simple Booth apps works.

Before proceeding, be sure to turn the print feature on in your Send Options panel. The Print panel will not be available until printing has been enabled. 

Connecting your Printer

The key to printing with AirPrint and Simple Booth apps is to connect the printer (or print server software) and iPad to the same WiFi network. 

Pre-select the printer

Once the iPad and printer are on the same network, the printer can be selected from the top section of the Prints panel. 

Pre-selecting the printer makes printing during the event as easy as possible. Tap the “choose" button, and as long as your printer has been properly set up, you can choose it from the list that populates. If you do not see your printer here, check out our troubleshooting suggestions.

The printer must be selected from the app itself and cannot be pre-selected online

Print options

HALO plans include auto print, which will print one copy from each photo booth session once the guest taps through to the send page.

All Simple Booth apps also include a print button guests can use when enabled. This can be turned on in addition to (or instead of) auto print. 

When the print button is enabled, you are able to select a maximum number of copies that can be printed for each session. When guests reach the send screen in the app, they’ll be able select their desired number of prints, but won’t be able to print more than the limit you set. 

Formatting the Prints

The next step is to format the layouts so your guests can take away a professional looking print. 

Simple Booth layouts are designed primarily for digital sharing, and because the layouts aren’t necessarily rectangular in shape like most photo paper, you may initially see uneven margins or additional blank space that you’d like to remove. Making adjustments to the crop, padding, or using Force Fit are a few ways to reduce irregularities. 

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