Simple Booth apps support printing over AirPrint, a wireless printing protocol made by Apple. If you plan to print at your events and are not familiar with wireless printing, be sure to read up about how printing with Simple Booth apps works. 

Printing is not supported on Virtual Booth.

There are two main things you need to do in order to print successfully: 

  1. Connect your iPad and printer to the same WiFi network

  2. Format the layout so that the printed copy is centered with even margins on your photo paper

Before proceeding, be sure to enable the print feature in your Send Options panel. The Print panel will not be available until printing has been enabled.

Connecting your Printer

The key to printing with AirPrint is to connect the printer (or print server software) and iPad to the same WiFi network. 

1. Determine which network is going to be the most reliable. 

You may only have one option available to you, but if there are multiple networks at the venue you can certainly test them all to see which may be best to use. If you do try multiple networks, be sure to forget any of them that you don't plan to use. 

Certain networks can't be used for printing, like those with a firewall or other security restrictions. Since the type of WiFi network(s) you will have access to can be unpredictable until you arrive at the event and get set up, we recommend carrying a personal hotspot to use as a backup -- and please don't rely on your phone's hotspot!

2. Pre-select the printer

Once the iPad and printer are on the same network, the printer can be selected from the top section of the Prints panel. 

Tap the “choose" button, and as long as your printer has been properly set up on the same network as the iPad, you can choose it from the list that populates. 

Simple Booth will send all prints to this specific printer unless or until there is a disruption in the connection. This makes printing during the event as easy as possible! 

If you are unable to select your printer from the settings, check out our troubleshooting suggestions.

The printer must be selected from the app itself and cannot be pre-selected online

Formatting the Prints

Now that the printer is connected, it's time to make the final results look great! 

Simple Booth layouts are designed primarily for digital sharing, where there aren't typically sizing restrictions in place. The size of the digital copies of your photos will automatically adjust based on your screen size.

Your printer paper, however, does have physical dimensions we must print within -- most people use 4x6 or 5x7 photo paper. Many of our layouts will not meet the same aspect ratio as your printer paper, so you'll likely need to make some adjustments. 

1. How to format your picture layouts

A centered print and even margins throughout the layout is what really makes your print outs look professionally done. We have a few tools available to help you even things up!

  • If there is a lot of white space or quite a bit of your pictures are being "cut off" from the print, you might consider making an adjustment to the layout choices you made in the design panel.

    Changing the crop is one of the most helpful layout changes you can make -- certain layouts like the photo strips simply don't translate well to a piece of paper when using portrait or landscape style frames. Adjusting the layout type and margins thickness can also help with any irregularities. 

  • Our Force Fit feature is like a magic wand -- when enabled, it crops each picture in the layout and alters the dimensions so that the photos fill the space with even margins on all sides.

    Keep in mind Force Fit works best when your layout is already close in size to the paper size you have selected. The less cropping that is necessary, the better. 

  • The padding tools allow you to fine-tune things a bit further together with or instead of Force Fit.

    Padding can be added to each side of the print -- positive padding adds a little extra space to the side it has been added to. Negative padding will remove some of the extra space from the side it has been added to.

    This is a great way to make smaller, more manual adjustments than you are able to make with Force Fit. 

2. Choose the print options guests can use

HALO plans include auto print, which will print one copy from each photo booth session once the guest taps through to the send page.

All Simple Booth apps also include a print button guests can use when enabled. This can be turned on in addition to (or instead of) auto print. 

When the print button is enabled, you are able to select a maximum number of copies that can be printed for each session. When guests reach the send screen in the app, they’ll be able select their desired number of prints, but won’t be able to print more than the limit you set. 

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