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Sharing Methods Available To Participants
Sharing Methods Available To Participants

How participants can share their pictures after they receive their link or QR scan

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This article focuses on the sharing methods available within your online gallery.

⚠️Configuring sharing options is not available on all plans, see below for more information ⚠️

Receiving Pictures


Participants will share their picture link (or scan a QR code) during the final step in the app, before they walk away from your booth.

Virtual Booth

Because participants are using their own phone or computer to access your booth, they will be directed to their picture's page as the final step in your booth (instead of being prompted to receive a link).

Sharing Pictures From Your Gallery

⚠️ Configuring the available sharing options is only available on the Pro & Select plans ⚠️

Available Sharing Options

  • Facebook & X (formerly known as Twitter): we'll automatically create a draft post within the Facebook or X apps for easy sharing.

  • Instagram: Instagram is more unique (learn why here). The Instagram button automatically converts and reformats pictures when necessary in order to post to Instagram.

  • Links: the copy link button will save the picture's URL to the clipboard.

  • Saving: The save button will prompt participants to tap and hold to save their picture.

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