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Can I create graphic designs in the app?
Can I create graphic designs in the app?

You'll design your graphic in you preferred editing program and import it to your Simple Booth settings

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Simple Booth apps do not include "graphic editing" features to help you create logos or other designs for your layouts. Plenty of other programs make graphic editing so easy-to-do that there's no need for us to reinvent the wheel!

There are two main steps to adding graphics to your booth.

1. Create Your Graphics

Be sure you understand how to size your graphics before you start designing.

If you have a pre-existing graphic like your company's logo, you may want to modify the size to make it work better with your layout of choice.

If you are not already familiar with a graphics editing program, we share some recommendations in these guides!

2. Import Your Graphics

Once your graphic is ready, upload it to your Simple Booth settings. If you're using one of our iPad apps, most graphics can be uploaded via the in-app settings too.

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