Hashtags can be entered into your settings so that when participants use the gallery's social sharing options they know which hashtag(s) to use.

The social platforms we are integrated with each handle your pre-set hashtags in a unique way.

  • Facebook will automatically populate the first hashtag you have entered. They will not support auto-populating more than one hashtag so make sure your "most important" one is first.

  • Twitter will automatically populate all of the hashtags you have entered.

  • Instagram has a more protected sharing platform, making it impossible to create a direct post within their app. Instead, we instruct your guests about which hashtag to use when they receive their photo.

Adding Your Hashtags


Find the hashtag field within the "Basic" panel on your gallery settings. 

In App

  1. Tap on the "manage galleries" button within the Gallery Panel. 

  2. Tap on a specific event to bring up management options.

  3. Once within the edit settings, it's easy to add and remove hashtags (among other things!).

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