Whenever possible, Simple Booth makes the social sharing process as direct as it can be. The Facebook and Twitter platforms make posting really easy because they allow "third party apps" like Simple Booth to automatically create a post for your guests that populates their picture together with your hashtags from the event. 

Instagram is set up slightly differently! 

Instagram is a protected platform

Instagram does not allow other apps to upload directly to it in that same way. In other words, there's not a way for us to automatically generate an Instagram post for your guests.

Because of that, guests' photos must first be sent to the guest's mobile device, saved, and shared through Instagram's own app.


There are are also some formatting restrictions that we must be mindful of, but Simple Booth takes care of all the work to make this as easy as possible for you and guests! 

Instagram will only accept images of a certain file type and aspect ratio.

  • GIFs are not supported: When guests use the Instagram share option, if the layout is a GIF we convert the GIF to an MP4 file, which Instagram supports. 

  • Aspect ratio: Instagram requires pictures uploaded to be certain sizes. Instagram will accept aspect ratios between 1.91:1 and 4:5.

    If the layout you're using doesn't meet this requirement (the photo strips are a great example), Simple Booth automatically adds the necessary padding to avoid having layout cropped when it is uploaded. The padding will not be noticeable on the posts and will blend in with Instagram's background. 

Sharing to Instagram 

Sharing on Classic, HALO Special Event, and HALO Lite

After receiving a link to their picture from the booth, guests will be able to tap an Instagram icon next to their picture in your gallery to receive the right type of file. 

When they tap the Instagram icon they are prompted to enter their email address, where they will receive an Instagram-ready attachment and special instructions for sharing on Instagram with your hashtag. 

Sharing to Instagram from HALO Standard and Pro

HALO users can share to Instagram from the Galleries using the same process described above. 

With a Standard or Pro plan, you can also send an Instagram-ready file to your guests' phones in a text directly from the app using the Picture Message option. Guests will enter their phone number to receive an MMS text message with the photo or video attachment and special text instructions to share on Instagram with your chosen hashtag. 

MMS is not available in all countries.

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