We have a free, two week-long HALO trial, which enables access to all of features on the standard tier plan.

What's included

HALO app access

The trial limits you to 15 uploads/day on the HALO app. Aside from the photo limit, you will have access to all of the features on our standard tier plan.

You can still access and edit your settings once you reach the photo limit, but won't be allowed to take more photos until the next day.

If you decide to subscribe, the HALO app supports unlimited photos during your subscription term. Credits are not consumed when using the HALO iPad app and can be ignored if you do not plan to use the browser-based Virtual Booth.

Virtual Booth access

The trial also includes 25 Virtual Booth credits. When you are ready to sign up, Virtual Booth credits are included in all of the HALO plans. Learn more about credit packages and consumption rates here.

Aside from the credit limit, you will have access to all of the Virtual Booth settings for the standard tier plan.

If you decide to subscribe, Virtual Booth will consume 1-2 credits per upload, depending on your settings. Learn more about how credits work, and how many credits are included on each plan here.

Where to get started

Our HALO app tutorial videos on YouTube are a great place to get started and cover just about everything you need to know.

Virtual Booth has a dedicated section in our help center.

The rest of our help center also includes a ton of helpful resources!

What if I want to use a different plan?

The trial is for the standard tier HALO plan. 

If you think you want to use a different tier plan, you can compare the features available on each plan for both HALO and Virtual Booth. 

Tip: use the dropdown options on the left to see more information about what basic, normal, and advanced means!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have questions during your trial!

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