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Do you offer a free trial?
Do you offer a free trial?
Try out Simple Booth HALO or our browser-based Virtual Booth!
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Our two-week trial enables access to all of features on the Standard tier plan.

Software Tiers

Simple Booth offers four software tiers.

The trial gives you access to the Standard tier plan, which is $149/month. Other plans range from $29/month to $249/month.

If you think you want to use a different tier plan, be sure to compare the features available on each plan to what you see during the trial.

What's Included?

HALO iPad App

HALO is our signature iPad app. After launching your booth, participants will tap the screen to start the capture process. They'll have the opportunity to make some photo edits, and after sharing their pictures the booth will reset for the next group.

Browser-Based Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth is a solution for both remote events, conferences, etc. as well as in-person needs. Participants will access the photo booth by scanning a QR code or clicking on a link from their own computer or phone. After capturing, they can edit and share their photo.

Trial Limitations

HALO Limitations

The trial limits you to 15 uploads/day on the HALO app. You can still access and edit your settings once you reach the photo limit, but won't be allowed to take more photos until the next day (or you subscribe).

HALO supports unlimited photos during your subscription term after subscribing.

Virtual Booth Limitations

The trial includes 25 Virtual Booth credits for the duration of the two week period.

You can still access and edit your settings once you run out of credits but won't be allowed to take more photos until you subscribe.

Virtual Booth credits are included in all of the HALO plans, and you can always purchase additional credit blocks. Learn more about credit packages and consumption rates here.

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