Launching The HALO App

How to start your event

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Learn how to navigate your settings and "launch" your event.

1. Sign into the HALO app

We make a few app versions, and your preset settings will only work through the HALO app.

Be sure you're using HALO, and sign into your account.

2. In app settings

When you first sign in (or return to your settings, more on that below), you'll land on your preset list.

At the bottom of the app you'll see tabs for galleries and your queue, but you will be launching the preset.

3. Ways to launch

Quick Launch

When you're on your preset list, swipe left and then use the blue rocket ship button to proceed to the next step.

This is a great option if you already know your settings are correct and synced to your iPad.

From Your Settings

If you want to review or modify your settings before launching, tap into the preset instead, which will bring you to your in-app settings.

When you're ready, use a blue "launch" button in the top-right corner to proceed.

4. Preflight Check

After tapping to launch you'll be brought to your Preflight Check menu, which serves a couple of purposes.


If this is your first time launching after a new download, you'll be presented with a handful of permissions checks (like giving us access to your camera) in order to make the launch buttons accessible.

Test vs. Booth Mode

Once permissions have been accepted, the top-most portion of the page will allow you to launch into either Test Mode or Booth Mode.

Use Test Mode when you want an easy way to get back to your settings, and use Booth Mode when you're ready for your event. Booth Mode is designed to work with Guided Access to prevent people from exiting the app.

Device Status & Items For Review

The bottom of the page includes items about your device and settings.

Any items you may want to review before launching will be sectioned off at the top. For example, if your iPad isn't currently plugged in or if your iPad's storage is too low, we'll warn you of those things here.

Other information like your WiFi network and linked gallery will be displayed here as well.

5. Returning to your settings

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