In order to print to the more professional dye-sublimation printers, you'll need to use wireless print server software to make the wireless connection to your iPad. Learn about compatible software here!

Pairing your dye-sub printer with wireless print server software allows the printer to be AirPrint compatible. Without wireless print server software, your iPad and dye-sub printer will not be able to communicate. 

How to connect

  1. Download and install the wireless print server software you want to use. The options we recommend offer a free trial of the software in order to test things out first. 

  2. Open the program from your laptop and check to make sure that your iPad and computer are on the same WiFi network. Once they are, the server software should find your printer. 

  3. Open your Simple Booth app and select the printer in the prints panel on your settings page. 

  4. If your printer is not in the list, try these troubleshooting steps

  5. Once you are connected to the printer, take a test shot! After you see how the prints turn out, you will be able to make adjustments to your settings. 


Introducing wireless print server software can present unique formatting problems, and our tips below should help you overcome them! 

Fitting the layout to the printer paper

  • Is your layout just slightly off on the printed picture?

    Please refer to our support pages about print padding, and how to better fit your layout to your prints!

  • Does your layout seem to be distorted quite a bit, as if it's trying to print to a different paper size?

    You'll want to change your printer settings. Where to access and change these settings will depend on your printer and your wireless print server software. You may need to make adjustments to things like paper size, page orientation, or select a new paper tray.

  • Check your System Preferences or Control Panel: general printer settings will be located here. Accessing “printing preferences” and “advanced settings” are typically where these settings are located.

  • Check your wireless print server: These settings can sometimes be accessed from the wireless print server program as well. Find your printer and right click on it. Similarly, you will see options for “printing preferences” and “advanced settings,” “configure your printer” or “Your Printer's advanced features.” Please note that these settings are often only accessible while the printer is turned on and plugged in to your computer!

  • If you still can't make things quite right, our support team would be happy to help you troubleshoot! Please also be sure to reference your printer's manual and the support page for your wireless print server software.

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